Crosby speaks about Letterman snub


Since I know everyone just loves hearing about Sidney Crosby every
day…we’ll share some more!

Crosby has been taking a ton of flak for his decision not to go on
the David Letterman show last week, and I”m among those that a) don’t
really care and b) don’t think it’s that big of a deal to get all worked
up about. He’s in the middle of a season — yes I know it would be good
for the NHL — but at the same time he has an obligation to his team.

Yesterday, Crosby
spoke out on the matter.

“I do my best. That’s all I can do,” Crosby said
Wednesday after the Penguins practiced at Southpointe. “It’s not the
first year I’ve dealt with balancing everything. I’ve had that
responsibility for a long time, and I think anybody who knows me well
knows I take that seriously. I do my best with it.

not always going to be happy, but I do my best, and I do what I think
is right, and I’ll continue to do that. There’s really nothing I can do
if people disagree with that.”

He also said that he hasn’t been asked to reschedule, and that’s a

I understand the timeliness factor of having Crosby on
right away, but I’d like to see more hockey players on these shows.
Would it have been nice if Crosby could have done Letterman? Of course,
but I still can’t fault his decision. Maybe we can get some American
hockey players to take his spot. Patrick Kane could go on Oprah. Chris
Drury could go on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Maybe even have Sean Avery
— even though he’s Canadian — sit down with Dr. Phil.