Avs looking ahead despite recent losses

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Every team and every coach handles a bad stretch of games
Some decide to just stay away from the ice as much as possible
presumably because he either doesn’t care how the team plays or is just
oblivious to what is going on. Others, like coach
Joe Sacco and the Colorado Avalanche
, buckle down and work harder.
It’s a novel concept, really.

After the Avs’ latest disappointment, a 6-4 loss to the Vancouver
Canucks, the Avalanche
had a heart-to-heart
meeting at center ice at the end of practice

“It stings after a game like
that. It hurts the next day, as well it should, but we wanted to make
sure our spirits were good,” Sacco said. “This has happened before to
us, and we’ve always responded very well. It’s a tough league, and it’s
a good team (Canucks) we played. They’ve had some good success on us
this year, but (the talk) was just to make sure we refocus for our next

What’s frustrating for the Avs is that
they’ve actually played well lately, yet are still just 2-4-0 in their
past six games. What’s started their slide is the lack of ability to
play an entire game, to keep the pedal down for a full 60 minutes. At
least Sacco and the rest of team realizes this and are actually

**cough** Minnesota Wild **cough**