Leave poor Sidney Crosby alone


I have to be honest here: I didn’t know about the Sidney Crosby
“snub” of David Letterman until earlier today and my immediate reaction
was “who cares?”.

If this had happened in the middle of July or
some other time when the Pittsburgh Penguins wasn’t actively playing an
NHL season, then I can understand the anger or dismay that he is “too
much of a celebrity” and can just turn down gigs like that. But the guy
had just finished up the Olympics, his team was on the road in New York
and getting ready to play a game, and you have to respect his decision
to focus on hockey.

I know he’s already done a ton of interviews
but this one was a bit different. From what I can tell, the sit downs
he’s had have been where they come to him, and they most likely worked
around his schedule. Going on Letterman is a different animal
altogether, and would take a considerable amount of time out of his day.
Not a whole lot, but it’s certainly going to be out of the way from his
normal routine.

Penguins GM Ray Shero wants everyone to lay off
as well:

“At some point there’s a responsibility, that he takes very
seriously, about being a hockey player and preparing,” Shero said
Tuesday at the NHL’s GM meetings. “To me, any criticism for Sidney isn’t
warranted. He does so much for the game, so much for the league. …

“He’s trying to do it all and it’s unfortunate he can’t do it all.
But he does a lot.”

I know not everyone loves Crosby and that there is some overexposure
backlash happening, especially among hard core fans. But the NHL needs
to have superstars to market and Crosby is one of them. But he can’t do
everything that is asked of him, and I was surprised at the reaction
this has received. That he gets attacked when he turns down something
like this is ridiculous.