Kyle Wellwood is playing better with extra 'weight'

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one is just too good to pass up
. There are so many gems in this
story I’ll just let the quotes speak for themselves.

Kyle Wellwood is learning to love his body. Even the slightly flabby

“At the start of the year, I was a real lean 181,” Wellwood said.
I’m not thick, but I have a little more weight. Right now, I feel great.
My body feels good. I’m healthy. I’m happy out there.”

The problem is Wellwood played better when he was fat.

Wellwood’s name had become synonymous with fat jokes the past few
years, ever since he showed up out of shape and lethargic to Vancouver
from Toronto. What’s sad is that he actually made a concerted effort to
lose weight — around 20 pounds — and he actually played worse. Hey, he
might have been overweight but he did score 18 goals last season.

But he’s now scored twice and has four points since the Olympic
break, and he attributes it to not getting into better shape but
actually gaining a bit of his weight back. Hey, Wellwood has always been
a bit chunky (for a hockey player) and he’s done alright; why not try
and get back to what was working before.

Wellwood says he feels more confident and comfortable with the added
weight but that he’s not exactly going to revert to the chunky mess he
was before. It’s all about finding balance, but he’s not going to be the
gym rat he was trying to be before the Olympic break when he scored
just eight goals in 54 games.

Perhaps the first time I’ve ever heard a hockey player try and gain
some “extra weight” –not muscle– to play better. Only Kyle Wellwood
could pull it off.