Derek Boogaard could face suspension


Minnesota Wild forward Derek Boogaard, one of the league’s most feared enforcers, might end up getting suspended by the league for a knee-to-knee hit on the Edmonton Oilers’ most recent waiver claim Ryan Jones. Boogaard is often referred to as “The Boogey Man” because his last name begs for the pun and … well, he’s really scary.

Despite Boogaard’s amazing skill in the realm of hurting people with his fists, he actually doesn’t have a long history of suspensions. He’s apparently only been suspended one time; he was suspended 5 games last season for elbowing Calgary Flames’ forward Brandon Prust in the head.

Now, you might say that he’s only been suspended once because he barely ever actually plays hockey/is basically a dancing grizzly bear and that’s your prerogative. Personally, I’d prefer to not get my skull bashed in.

If you’re here for speculation on the length of a suspension (if he even gets one), you might not be aware of my extremely sophisticated “dart board method.” That’s my fancy way of saying I have no idea. Then again, no one else does either. Click here if you want to read something angry about goons. (Yawn.)

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