Rough night for Roberto Luongo

Thumbnail image for luongoindespairap.jpgGoing into this game, my question was whether the Chicago Blackhawks could overcome their often criticized goaltending to beat the Vancouver Canucks. As it turns out, it was Roberto Luongo who had a rough night at the United Center. Again.

The gold medal winning goalie banged his stick in frustration as the first period ended, allowing 5 goals on 14 shots. One of those goals was credited to Andrew Ladd, the man who Ryan Kesler once called a coward and then dodged (although apparently that’s just an example of “Kes being Kes”). To the surprise of few, the game has been full of fights so far.
As you may remember, this isn’t the first time that Luongo struggled in Chicago. The Blackhawks drubbed the Canucks 7-5 to take a 4-2 series win on the strength of Patrick Kane’s first career playoff hat trick.

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