Another Oilers defensemen out for the season

Without looking, name me the best Edmonton Oilers defenseman on the active roster. That’s healthy.

Yeah, that’s a tough one.

Especially now that not only is Sheldon Souray out for the season, but Ladislav Smid as well. Smid will require neck surgery on a injury that resulted from a big hit on January 20th. As far as Souray goes, he’s still not in the clear. From the Edmonton Sun:

Elsewhere on the medical front, Sheldon Souray remains in hospital
receiving treatment for an infection in his hand. Souray had a broken
bone repaired several weeks ago but has run into complications.

“It’s serious enough that they’re keeping him the hospital,” said
head coach Pat Quinn.

It’s a tough situation for the Oilers, who likely would have traded Souray at the deadline if it wasn’t for the infection. And let’s not let the human factor in this escape us; staying in the hospital for this long because of an infection is very serious. We hope nothing but a safe and full recovery for Souray.

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