Olympics strike back: Gaborik out indefinitely

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Gaborik.jpgThere are two sides to this argument. For one, I love watching Olympic hockey and I don’t think there is any greater thrill than to watch my favorite NHL players suit it up for their country and lay it all on the line.

On the other side of that though, is the chance that some very important players miss significant time in games that are ultimately meaningless for NHL teams. We’ve already covered that Patrice Bergeron is struggling with a groin injury that he “blew out” while playing through pain against the Americans. Now that pesky lower-body injury that Marian Gaborik suffered will apparently not only keep him out tonight against the Penguins, but could likely keep him out over the weekend as well (subscription required).

Both Gaborik and Bergeron are the leading scorers on their respective teams, and are vital in the race for a playoff spot. Bergeron’s injury may be a bit more serious, but these ‘day-to-day’ injuries that tend to linger from one game to the next can turn into ‘week-to-week’.