Fleury to start in net Thursday for Penguins

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Marc-Andre Fleury had a very rough Olympics. So rough, in fact, that he did not start for the Penguins on Tuesday night. This is obviously another example of players that took part in the Games coming back to their teams both mentally and physically exhausted.

Not really. Fleury was just a bit rusty, it seems.

Fleury was with Team Canada as the third-string goaltender and rarely saw any time even on the bench, let alone in practice. He basically spent two weeks on vacation in Vancouver and came home with a gold medal. And when the rest  of his (real) team was getting back on the ice in practices over the weekend, he was doing, well….not much.

“The two guys got most of the shots. I just kind of stood there. I
didn’t get to do a whole lot,” Fleury said after the Penguins practiced
Wednesday at Southpointe before flying to New York for a game tonight
against the Rangers.