Watch replay of Olympic Gold Medal Game tonight on Universal Sports


Over 25 million Americans watched the game live, nearly one-third of
the country had the game turned on, and in case you missed it you’ll get
your chance to see what has to be considered one of the greatest hockey
games ever. And if you watched it the first time, well why not watch it
once more?

Universal Sports will be replaying the Vancouver Olympics
Hockey Gold Medal Game between the USA and Canada tonight at 8 p.m.

While the ultimate outcome was disappointing for the
Americans (SPOILERS!!), there’s no doubt that the chance to see the USA
players take the best team in the world to the brink one more time is
one you don’t want to pass up. This was a game where the U.S. was
against the ropes, down 2-0 before storming back to tie the game with
seconds left in regulation.

The excitement, the stress, the
all-out level of play between both teams was a marvel to witness. It’s
also a great example of why hockey is the most exciting sport in the
world, and why Olympic hockey raises that bar even higher. You can also
see Sidney Crosby instantly become the greatest hero in Canadian
history; well, at least in recent history. He’s still young.

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