Aaron Ward traded to Anaheim, but what was the point?

Well, I thought that Aaron Ward would make a nice addition to a
playoff contending team in the final months of his great career.
Instead, he’ll finish up in Anaheim playing for the Ducks.

Ward is
the consummate professional, has three Stanley Cup wins under his belt
and it really would have been great to see him get another shot (he
doesn’t necessarily NEED another shot, but you like to see the good guys
finish out on top) with a team that is on it’s way to the playoffs.

you have to give Ward credit; during his interview with TSN he talked
about how Anaheim was still in the race and how he was glad to help give
them a chance. But let’s be real here. Ward’s family will stay where
they are, finish the school year and he’ll be right back with them in
April. He’s used to it, he’s been traded five times in his career.

This was a trade that Carolina had been looking to make, and it looks like Anaheim gave the best offer (obviously). And before the trade Anaheim had just six defensemen, so they needed some depth. But really…what was the point?

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