2010 NHL Trade Deadline: Kaberle still not planning on leaving Toronto

Tomas Kaberle is going to be a name that in consistently mentioned as a trade target, as he should be. Yet despite the fact that he’ll most likely be traded this summer when his no trade clause is voided, Kaberle is insistent on staying in Toronto for the rest of the season.

Of course, there’s a chance that a deal comes across the table that could interest both the Leafs and Kaberle and he’ll have to make a decision on that. He hasn’t submitted a list of teams to Brian Burke, but there’s always the factor that he’ll have final say on any trade that the Leafs might want to make.

You have to wonder though, what exactly is his motivation for staying in Toronto? Of course, there’s the simple chance that perhaps he just doesn’t feel like moving in the midst of a season and doesn’t want to go through that stress if he doesn’t feel like it. With the NTC in his contract, that’s his prerogative.

But the NTC will be voided if Toronto misses the playoffs and there’s a pretty good chance that’s what is going to happen. So instead of having control over which possible playoff contender he’ll have the chance of joining, he’ll have zero control of where he goes this summer when there’s a strong possibility that the Leafs trade him anyway.

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