Nick Boynton achieves certified journeyman status, sent to Blackhawks

After waiving him in February, the Anaheim Ducks managed to unload Nick Boynton to the Chicago Blackhawks for the always-amusing “future considerations” according to The Globe and Mail‘s James Mirtle.

Here were a few of Mirtle’s reactions on Twitter:
“Anaheim’s a team that has to stay on budget and can’t afford to pay guys in the AHL.”
Mirtle also understandably questions Chicago’s logic in the trade.
“Boynton already cleared waivers about a month ago and has played in the AHL. I don’t know why Chicago wants him.”

Then again, when you consider the fact that Anaheim will only receive “future considerations” the deal smells like a glorified waiver wire pickup. What, exactly, are the standards for “future considerations” anyway? Does this mean that Stan Bowman will promise to give Bob Murray a bite of his cheesecake during an NHL Awards banquet? Maybe the Ducks will get a solid discount on hotels in the Chicago area?

As for Boynton, this is just another rough moment for a player who (apparently) was a first-round draft pick for the Boston Bruins. This feeling must be all-too familiar for the journeyman defenseman, considering the fact that his status in the league really hasn’t changed much since last year.

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