Tomas Kaberle's agent says he's staying in Toronto. For now.

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Until Tomas Kaberle changes his mind at the last minute, we’ll just
go under the assumption he’s staying in Toronto.

agent told reporters today
that he maintains he will not waive his
no trade clause:

“Nothing has changed,” Curran said yesterday, denying reports his
client has submitted a list of teams to which he would accept a trade.
“It’s as it always has been. He would prefer to stay in Toronto,
forever, hopefully.”

The clause in conditional on the Leafs making the playoffs this season,
and right now there’s about a 1.45% chance that will happen. So once the
season is over and the Leafs are out on the golf course in April, the
Leafs will be able to trade Kaberle to any team they choose, in order to
obtain valuable assets for the future.

Kaberle is going to be a top target this summer, although his
price tag is a bit high. He’ll have just one year remaining on his
contract worth $4.25 million for next season, but his experience and
ability will have a number of teams salivating.

Expect Kaberle to at least consider waiving his NTC, as he tries to
control the team he’ll eventually end up with. After Wednesday, that
control will be gone.