Hamhuis to Flyers rumors abound but nothing has changed, really


As expected, a flurry of activity tonight surrounding Dan Hamhuis,
as rumors are starting to fly that the Nashville Predators are working
on a trade with Philadelphia. Of course, in these days where most all
sports news is broken via Twitter, we get wild speculation and guessing,
sometimes even from team beat writers.

Comcast Sportsnet reporter
Sarah Baicker first reported
that the Flyers and Predators were talking, with very little in the
way of details, other than “Parent may be in
the mix, he may not be” and that there were a number of players being
talked about.

Then CSN Flyers beat writer John Boruk
got involved, first saying that the Flyers are not close to a deal with
Nashville and that it’s more than just a Hamhuis for Ryan Parent trade,
and that Dan Ellis was involved. He deleted that tweet (archived
by BroadStHockey
), and came back with:

I’m told Flyers
are not close to a deal with Nashville as of Monday night. Dan Ellis
NOT involved in a trade scenario…sorry.

as of now all we have is that the Flyers are talking to the Predators,
they have made room under the salary cap to work a deal, that the
Predators are most likely going to deal Hamhuis, the best fit would be
the Flyers, but no firm deal is in place.

is this any different than a couple of hours ago?