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Ryan Whitney

Twitter Thursday: Ryan Whitney likes his Tracy Chapman


This feature profiles an NHLer that’s making noise on the Twitter machine.

Edmonton Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney is something of a Twitter superstar (well, within NHL circles.)

He’s accumulated over 72,000 followers, been named to Sports Illustrated’s Twitter 100 and spells most words correctly (which is rare within NHL circles.)

He’s also unafraid to express his opinions. Like regarding music, for example:


Whitney’s not alone with his critical acclaim. Rolling Stone ranked Fast Car No. 167 on their list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time“, sandwiched between Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” (No. 168) and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” (No. 166).

And, lest we forget, Fast Car was sampled by Nice & Smooth in their 1991 hit, “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow…”

Regardless of what you think of Tracy Champman and/or Fast Car, it’s nice to see an NHLer express an affinity for music his peers might otherwise ignore. Whitney plays in Edmonton, where the average age is like 18 — my guess is there are a lot of iPods with a lot of LMFAO on them. (Yes yes, party rock is in the house tonight.)

In closing, we leave you with some Fast Car. Feel free to leave the room if it starts getting dusty. Totally understandable.

Twitter Thursday: Mike Richards might love L.A. more than Randy Newman

Mike Richards

This feature profiles an NHLer that’s making noise on the Twitter machine.

When Mike Richards was shipped off to Los Angeles this summer, many wondered how the former Flyers captain would react to the move. Richards had, after all, spent the majority of his hockey career in decidedly cold-weather, blue-collar cities — first in Kitchener, Ontario (where he served as the captain of the OHL’s Rangers) then in Philly, where he wore a letter on his sweater for four of six seasons.

The captaincies suggest he wasn’t just a player on these teams — he was the face of the franchise, the leader, the guy people identified with the organization.

Kinda funny, then, how that same guy now spends his days surfing and wearing sheepskin-lined footwear.



Anyone else envisioning Richards walking down the Venice Boardwalk in UGG boots like Jason Segel in I Love You, Man? Or is that just me?

I also have to point out that Richards took a decidedly laid-back approach to getting rid of his Christmas tree which, as of Jan. 3, was still standing.

Though let’s be clear about something — you can’t blame Los Angeles livin’ for the lack of tree removal, because Buffalo’s Derek Roy tweeted this less than 24 hours ago:


The hat’s a nice touch.

Twitter Thursday: David Perron got a dog

David Perron

This feature profiles an NHLer that’s making noise on the Twitter machine.

From the dawwwwwwwwwww file: St. Louis Blues forward David Perron announced on Twitter today that he’s adopted a Mastiff Rottweiler mix named Stella (she’s a big Stella, too — 110 pounds) from the Five Acres Animal Shelter.



Good lookin’ pooch.

It should be noted Perron isn’t the only St. Louis player doing Stray Rescue work. “Barkin’ for the Blues” is an initiative spearheaded by Blues defenseman Barret Jackman (Barret’s Buddies) and forward David Backes (David’s Dogs) to help neglected and abused animals.

Here’s video of Backes and his wife, Kelly (Kelly’s Kats!) with an informal PSA about the rescue animal shelter.

And finally, here’s a picture of some kitties playing table hockey:


(Image courtesy Funnycatsite.com)