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Colton Orr; George Parros

George Parros and his ‘stache might be missing for a few games

Anaheim Ducks enforcer George Parros caught Dallas Stars tough guy Krys Barch with what looked like a pretty clear hit to the head in their game Friday night. There was no penalty called on the check, which left Barch dazed on the Stars’ bench. Parros doesn’t have a history of suspensions on his resume, so he might get a lighter sentence, but many believe he’ll see some kind of discipline from Brendan Shanahan.

How many games – if any – do you think the moustachioed ivy league pugilist should receive for his hit? Let us know in the comments.

No word yet regarding Cory Sarich’s hit on Matt Cooke

Matt Cooke

After just two games, Pittsburgh Penguins pest Matt Cooke was involved in another head shot. This time around, however, Cooke was the victim.

Calgary Flames defensemen Cory Sarich delivered the hit in question, which many believe qualifies as a an illegal check. Sarich accused Cooke of embellishing the impact, but the NHL shouldn’t just look the other way if something over-the-line happens but a player keeps playing regular shifts.

In fact, considering the way teams are treating “The Quiet Room” like a kind suggestion rather than a hard rule, Cooke’s reaction shouldn’t stop the league from looking at the hit. (If it feels that the check went over the line, of course.)

It’s still relatively early on this Sunday of light action, so it’s possible that Brendan Shanahan will look this over. At this point, there’s no official word regarding any discipline toward Sarich.

Whether you think it’s karma in action or not, an illegal hit is an illegal hit. What do you think, though? Did Sarich make Cooke’s head the principal point of contact? Let us know in the comments.

Bouchard’s high stick could bring ‘Shanaban’


NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan will have a word with Minnesota Wild forward Pierre-Marc Bouchard today. Bouchard drew the ire of the Columbus Blue Jackets for a “baseball swing” on winger Matt Calvert. Bouchard received a four minute double-minor for high-sticking on a play that left Calvert bleeding.

While the Wild side claims it was an accident, Blue Jackets head coach Scott Arniel perceived an intent to injure.

“It’s definitely an attempt to injure,” Arniel said. “Our whole bench saw it. Their whole bench saw it.

“We want to talk about getting hit from behind and shots to the head, but we allow a guy to stay in the game after taking a baseball swing at a guy’s face? That’s a joke.”

The Wild and Blue Jackets have already been involved in the biggest suspension of the new Shanahan era, as James Wisniewski is still facing a heavy punishment for a dirty hit on Cal Clutterbuck.

If you managed to see the high-stick (video availability is sparse at best), feel free to let us know if it seemed like Bouchard intently struck Calvert.

(H/T to Kukla’s Korner.)