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Video: Is there a double standard for suspensions?


Here are the facts: Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber received a $2,500 fine – but not a suspension – for bashing Detroit Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg’s head into the glass. Meanwhile, Vancouver Canucks plugger Byron Bitz will sit out two games for boarding Los Angeles Kings player Kyle Clifford.

For some, the disparity in discipline screams hypocrisy.

Jeremy Roenick and Bill Patrick discussed the Weber non-suspension before Bitz’s suspension was handed down, but many of the same points only seem stronger – at least depending upon whom you ask – after the fact. Check out their comments in the video below.

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Should Shea Weber be suspended for roughing up Henrik Zetterberg?

Nashville Predators v Phoenix Coyotes

While Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins fans bicker over Danny Briere’s offside goal, Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators fans have something to argue about as well. In the waning moments of the Predators’ close 3-2 win, Shea Weber really roughed up Henrik Zetterberg, seemingly slamming his head into the glass a couple times.

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(I’ve heard a few references made to professional wrestlers bashing each others’ heads into “turnbuckles” and I must say that it does kind of resemble that action. Agreed?)

That star-on-star crime certainly didn’t look good and Jeremy Roenick was incensed enough to say that it was suspension-worthy, but what do you think?

It’s interesting to note that Zetterberg’s been involved in some late game tomfoolery in the playoffs before; one might recall Evgeni Malkin getting away with some slightly unsavory business with Zetterberg during the 2009 Stanley Cup finals, for instance.

The Predators aren’t far removed from suspension debates in the playoffs, either. You might remember that Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan received a two-game reprimand for using his skate in a dangerous way in a 2011 series that ended up being Nashville’s first-ever series win. Will they be on the wrong end of the law this time around, though?

Discuss: Predators’ tight 3-2 win against Red Wings


In a weird and wild game that only seems fitting for catfish chucking, the Nashville Predators managed to hold onto what was a 3-1 lead by winning 3-2 against the Detroit Red Wings, giving them a 1-0 series lead. Feel free to field plenty of different questions in the comments, but here are a few stray thoughts.

  • Shea Weber unleashed a little fury on Henrik Zetterberg in the waning moments, seemingly hammering his head into the glass. Jeremy Roenick thinks that it’s suspension material, but how do you feel?
  • Can the road-weak Red Wings steal a game or two in what’s being called a “college” atmosphere in Nashville as this series goes on? This series might be a prime example of when home ice does matter.
  • Does Mike Babcock have a point in being furious about officiating?
  • Predators rookie Gabriel Bourque scored twice in the contest. Could he be a factor in this series?