Stanley Cup rioter makes dapper court appearance


This is Jensen White of Seattle, Wash. The 21-year-old University of British Columbia student appeared in a Vancouver courtroom today to address charges of participating in a riot and mischief, both stemming from last June’s Stanley Cup disaster.


White didn’t comment on the charges, but did tell reporters that talking pictures are going to ruin Hollywood.

(Photo courtesy Vancouver Province)

New contender for “dumbest Stanley Cup rioter” emerges


This morning, the Vancouver Police Department recommended 52 more charges stemming from the June 15 Stanley Cup riot. That brings the total number of charges recommended to 215 — against 80 individuals — with 69 of them having already been approved by Crown Council.

Yet one charge in particular stands out from the rest.

An unidentified 24-year-old male from Blaine, Wash. is facing charges of participating in a riot, mischief and break and enter after police say he looted a number of items from a store.

The kicker? This future MENSA member was wearing a hockey jersey…with his name on it.

“Like many others, the accused broke into the store and stole a number of items,” said the VPD. “Unlike many others that night, [he] allegedly had his surname emblazoned across his back on a hockey jersey.”

Look, you have to be a special kind of stupid to earn “Dumbest Stanley Cup Rioter” honors. There’s some pretty stiff competition, including standing on a Port-a-Potty guy and punched a firefighter guy. But if these charges stick, IDing himself by wearing his own hockey jersey guy is going to top ’em all.

Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot wins prestigious award


Just a note of congratulations to Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot for being named the top news story of the year in British Columbia by CBC. It’s an honor that wouldn’t have been possible without thousands of people joining forces, tipping cars over together, and sharing lighter fluid to set stuff on fire. There were also some great individual performances in the categories of smashing windows and stealing purses. Hats off to all the participants.