Must see TV: Skinner’s smooth spin-o-rama


Disclaimer: We here at PHT are suckers for a good spin-o-rama. Sometimes we’ll see moves that are just filthy, nasty moves where the defenseman gets worked like a rented mule. Other times, the move is just so smooth, you wonder why the defenseman couldn’t keep up with the offensive player. Of course, then you watch the replay and realize the defenseman was just worked like the aforementioned rented mule.

Jeff Skinner gave us a spin-o-rama that falls into the latter category during the Hurricanes’ 4-2 victory over the Flyers. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to a effortless move and feel bad for the all-star defenseman that just got YouTube’d.

Here’s to you Kimmo Timonen.

Must see TV: Patrick Kane’s spin-o-rama sets up Marian Hossa


People have openly wondered if the “Patrick Kane at center” experiment has been a good idea in Chicago. But when Kane shows off hands and vision like he did against the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday night, he can play where ever he wants. Check out as the top pick in the 2007 NHL Draft goes into traffic, spins away from Toni Lydman, spins, and fires a blind pass to Marian Hossa.

Check out the ridiculousness:

This just in: Patrick Kane can be electrifying.

Dan Ellis has a slight change of heart about Linus Omark’s shootout goal

Whether he chooses to be or not, Lightning goalie Dan Ellis ends up the focus of attention. We saw it earlier this year when he spoke out about how he worries about money and it happened again after Edmonton’s Linus Omark beat Tampa Bay with a remarkable spinorama goal in the shootout. The Lightning didn’t appreciate Omark’s show of flair and sparked a debate over whether or not it’s disrespectful to do something like that in the game.

Today during Lightning practice, they decided to have a little bit of fun and work on some spinoramas of their own. Keeping it lighthearted and fun (and amongst your teammates) does a lot to help keep cooler heads prevailed. In Dan Ellis’ case, it helped him to calm down and enjoy the finer points of offensive hockey. Mike Corcoran of ESPN 1040 in Tampa has the story.

After practice, Dan Ellis talked a bit about the controversy about spin-o-rama’s in shootouts.

“I think a lot was made of the Omark thing.” Ellis said. “Bottom line, the kid scored. If he does something like that, that gets the fans off their feet in like it did in Edmonton, so be it. I think it was a little bit touchy for our team because it was the kid’s first game and we thought it was a bit gutsy. In the end, if we want to go spin every time and put the puck in the net, then so be it.”

You know that Ellis didn’t like being the guy that was the “victim” of such a highlight reel goal and it’s a point of pride for a goaltender to not end up being “posterized” like that. You can read it in his words here that he’s still a bit ticked about but realizes that continuing to harp on it won’t do him nor the rest of the team any favors in the court of public opinion.

Of course, if Ellis and the rest of the Lightning and anyone else that didn’t care for his move doesn’t like it, they can just stop him from scoring.