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Report: Daniel Sedin expected to be “fine for next week”


There are plenty of good teams in the Western Conference, but is there a true “favorite” this year? The “unproven” status of the St. Louis Blues and the various issues for other contenders* makes me reflexively insert the Vancouver Canucks in that category. Yet there’s that nagging question: will Daniel Sedin be healthy?

“Healthy” might be a relative term, but TSN reports that an unnamed Canucks executive said the “shooting Sedin” should “be fine for next week.”

Henrik Sedin provided some pretty positive feedback about his brother’s recovery.

“Early on, maybe (Daniel had concern), but as time has moved on he’s felt better and better,” Henrik said.

Daniel Sedin is fighting off concussion symptoms and has been sidelined since Duncan Keith’s controversial elbow in a March 21 match. (Keith received a five-game suspension for his bad deeds.)

The playoffs officially begin on Wednesday, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Canucks’ first round will start then. That might depend on where they rank as far as seeding is concerned (stay tuned for the schedule to roll out on Sunday), yet it seems like the odds are in favor of the Sedin twins being reunited once the games start to really matter.

* – Some are awful on the road, others lack offensive punch, defensive savvy and stable goaltending. A few might even suffer from all of the above

Sedin twins: Artists on the ice, only

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I’ve run into a few identical twins that were actually semi-distinguishable, but to be fair, they were attractive women who warranted a few extra looks. Most would probably agree that the Sedin twins could pull off the “switch jerseys and no one would really notice” routine with relative ease (aside from maybe No. 33 suddenly taking more shots than No. 22).

Pass it to Bulis passes along the twins’ amusing/disturbing self-portraits via this Swedish newspaper, which shows that they don’t have identical artistic skills:

source:  (Via Ostran.se)

So if we lived in alternate universe in which self-portraits took human form, it would be super-easy to tell the two apart. Henrik (on the left) would look pretty much the same aside from his creepy dead eyes. Daniel (right side in photo), however, would have an unsettling grin and a misshapen face.

In a rare instance, reality > fantasy, at least if you ask me.

(H/T to Puck Daddy)

Pavel Datsyuk climbs the scoring ranks

Pavel Datsyuk, Corey Crawford

For several years, Pavel Datsyuk was considered something of a hockey connoisseur’s Hart Trophy pick. Despite scoring at a great rate in just about every season, he always seemed resigned to settle for a Selke Trophy because Datsyuk fell a few strides short of being a top scorer.

It seemed that would happen again this season, but all of a sudden the ludicrously slick forward is making a meteoric rise up the scoring ranks, as Ansar Khan discusses here.

With 11 goals and 30 assists in his last 30 games, Datsyuk’s 51 overall points ties him with Steven Stamkos and Joffrey Lupul for third place overall in the NHL.

The Sedin twins and Evgeni Malkin will surely give Datsyuk everything he can handle in the Art Ross Trophy race, but considering his fantastic two-way play and eye-grabbing style, one cannot help but wonder if he’ll finally get serious Hart consideration from the guys who cast the ballots.

Who’s your early NHL MVP, then?