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Shane Doan

Shane Doan nearly retired to stay with his family


While fans waited out to see where Shane Doan would sign before the lockout, be it Phoenix or Vancouver, one thing we didn’t know until now is he contemplated retiring from the game.

Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic shares the story of how Doan nearly hung it up to take care of his family after his 7 year-old daughter, Karys, had the scare of a lifetime.

In early July, Karys suffered a severe dog bite to her face at her grandparents’ ranch in Alberta that required bone and cartilage reconstruction and 150 stitches. She had to spend six days in the hospital after being operated on.

“This changed everything for me, and I wasn’t interested in thinking about making any decisions for the next little while,” Doan said.

After spending weeks at the family’s secluded camp in Kamloops to recover and get back to normal, he returned to Arizona to start figuring out his future. There potential Coyotes owner Greg Jamison convinced him he’d get the deal done to buy the team and that turned into a four-year, $21.2 million contract signed just before the lockout started.

Doan stayed in Phoenix because of his family, but it was the love his family that nearly made him walk away from it all.

It doesn’t sound like a lockout would end Alfredsson’s career

Daniel Alfredsson

One of the worries many fans have about a potential work stoppage is whether or not it will cost them getting to see their favorite older superstars one more time.

Guys like Teemu Selanne and Daniel Alfredsson have flirted with retirement recently, but it looks like a lockout won’t keep the Senators captain away. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun hears it from Alfie about where his head is at with an uncertain start to the year.

“I’m not saying I’m going to quit (playing) if there’s no hockey this year. You’ll have to quit some time,” Alfredsson says.

“You don’t always choose when that time comes. Preferably, you would like to, but I have no problem with the situation. I’m just a small piece of the puzzle. We, as the union, will do what’s right for us and what’s fair. If that means I lose a year, then so be it.”

Obviously a season-killing lockout is a worst-case scenario and one neither side wants to have happen. At the least, Alfredsson doesn’t seem to be in the mindset to ponder the end of his career, work stoppage or not.

Daniel Alfredsson wants to be a coach… Someday

Marian Gaborik, Daniel Alfredsson
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We’ve gotten more than used to seeing Daniel Alfredsson sporting the captain’s “C” on the ice for the Ottawa Senators over the years. Might we have to start adjusting to seeing him in a suit behind the bench though? If Alfredsson gets his way, it’ll happen someday.

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun hears from Alfredsson who says being a head coach in the future is something he’s hoping to do, just not any time soon.

“I don’t see myself coaching too soon,” said Alfredsson. “I think it takes even more time at the rink than it does as a player to prepare! (He chuckles) Right now, I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

Alfredsson says he’s always picking coaches brains about what they’re doing and why they made the adjustments they did and he says he also likes the thought of being able to challenge and motivate guys. Considering the respect Alfredsson commands in the room as it is, a move to coaching is a natural fit. As for that whole retirement thing he’s mulling over, he’s still yet to make a decision there.