Restaurant owner to Flyers: No more lucky ribs for you


When asked about the Philadelphia Flyers’ success in the Consol Energy Center (the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new home), Peter Laviolette jokingly credited a rib joint in Weirton, Virgina. Apparently DeeJay’s ribs won’t be to the Flyers as Qdoba burritos once were to Dan Bylsma, as Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney passes along an amusing story of rejection.

Here’s what wonderfully-named store owner (and self-professed Penguins fan) Dewey Guida told the Steubenville Herald-Star about rejecting the Flyers’ future rib advances:

“So many Penguins are my friends, I’ve had so many Stanley cups at my place,” Guida said. “So for sure, let everyone know – I am a Penguin fan, not a Flyer fan.”

“No more ribs for them. And I pray, I hope, that the Penguins beat their skates off.”

The story behind the rib-spurning is actually quite amusing and charming, as you can read in that Herald-Star story. Here’s a nice little synopsis of how the rib merchant and Penguins fan got caught up with those pesky Philly Flyers.

“It started out so innocent,” Guida said with a laugh. “Peter Laviolette and I have been friends for years. It goes back to when he was actually coaching the Nailers in Wheeling. We became friends, and we’ve kept the relationship up over the years, as I have with other coaches, like Scotty Bowman and Eddie Johnston.”

If you’re like me, it’s a great story and all … but now I just want ribs. (Hides all known Flyers memorabilia.)

Watch Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp make their eponymous burritos


Earlier this season, we noticed something during an episode of NHL 36 starring Patrick Kane: Chicago-area Qdoba restaurants were selling two Blackhawks-inspired burritos — Kane’s “Kaner Con Queso” and Patrick Sharp’s “Sizzling Sharpie”.

This was intriguing as fans of both hockey and quick service Mexican cuisine, but a question loomed: Which was the better burrito?

Looks like the Blackhawks website will soon provide an answer.

The Qdoba Blackhawks Burrito Faceoff is currently underway, with Kane and Sharp going head-to-head to see who has the tastier taco de harina. Fans can vote for the superior burrito and not only win the chance to eat lunch with the victorious Patrick, but also free burritos for a year!

/puts on elastic-waist sweatpants
//fine, i was already wearing them

Here’s video of Kane and Sharp making their respective foodstuffs. I don’t want to accuse Kane of not knowing what’s in the Kaner Con Queso, but it sounds like he’s reading off an ingredient cheat sheet.

I’ll now turn it over to PHT commenters, though I’d like to request an embargo on “Does Kane’s burrito cost 20 cents?” jokes. You know you’re better than that.