Richards not mad after post-goal cross check: “That’s great. They can do whatever they want.”


Brad Richards’ third period goal helped seal the deal for the Rangers in their Game 1 win over the Capitals. What you may not have noticed is after scoring his goal he was cross checked from behind by a frustrated Brooks Laich. Have a look at the video of the goal again in case you missed it.

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After the game, Katie Strange of ESPN-New York asked Richards if he was upset about getting hit from behind after putting the Rangers ahead for good at 3-1. His answer was interesting if you think about it a certain way.

“Not after a goal. That’s great. They can do whatever they want.”

Whatever they want, eh Brad? Pierre Turgeon would kindly ask you to choose your words more carefully when Dale Hunter is in the house. Richards isn’t talking about anything of that sort happening to him and he’s just happy to help the team… Right? Hmm…

All class: Pierre Turgeon wishes Dale Hunter the best in Washington


As Dale Hunter takes over behind the bench in Washington, his playing career has been well documented. Specifically, just about everyone has been reminded of the rather ugly incident back in the 1993 playoffs when Dale Hunter put his name in the hat for “dirtiest play of the last 20 years,” when he lit up Pierre Turgeon after a goal that effectively ended the Caps season.

Today, Stephen Whyno of the Washington Times got Turgeon’s thoughts on the Capitals’ most recent hire.  His words may surprise you.

“That situation could’ve been a little different, but those things happen, and it happened. Then you move on,” Turgeon told the Washington Times. “There’s no grudge. I’m not holding anything against Dale. The only thing I could say is I wish him the best with Washington.”

For those who want a reminder, here’s what Turgeon was talking about when he said, ‘those things happen’:

Talk about a classy guy. Turgeon has more understanding than Mother Teresa at a shopping mall on Christmas Eve.

He went onto explain that he thinks the Caps will thrive under their new coach. “I’ve got the feeling he’s going to do very well. He’s been around hockey and he’s got a good hockey head,” Turgeon shared.

“I have no doubt he’s going to do well.”

Pierre Turgeon’s daughter dies in car crash

Terrible news out of Colorado tonight: Elizabeth Turgeon, the 18-year-old daughter of former NHL player Pierre Turgeon, was killed in car crash that also left her passenger in critical condition, according to ABC 7 Denver as well as the Denver Post.

Elizabeth Turgeon was a member of the 2008 U.S. Women’s Under-18 team that won a gold medal and was signed to play for the University of Minnesota’s women’s team going forward.

ABC 7 shares the sad details of the accident that caused the death of Turgeon and injuries to her friend.

Investigators said Elizabeth Turgeon was driving a pickup truck that crashed into the trailer of a semi-truck at the intersection of U.S. Highway 54 and U.S. Highway 60 just after midnight.

Turgeon was pronounced dead at the scene while 18-year-old Brittany Kraemer of El Paso was transported to University of New Mexico Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police said dense fog is listed as a contributing factor in the crash as well as Turgeon’s failure to stop at the intersection.

Our hearts to go out to the Turgeon family as they deal with an awful situation.