Video: Steven Stamkos falls during penalty shot attempt

Just last week, Steven Stamkos earned a goal of the night award by making an amazing spin move to score on a penalty shot.

Yet much like a moment in which Alex Ovechkin actually looked clumsy, even the most talented players in the NHL will face some humbling moments during the twists and turns of an 82-game season. The Pittsburgh Penguins are doing just that to the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight, as they’re currently up 8-1.

For Stamkos, it’s been an evening of dual team and individual humiliation. While Dwayne Roloson was chased from the net after a 5-0 first period, Stamkos failed miserably on a penalty shot attempt that will be played on blooper reels for quite some time. All Marc-Andre Fleury needed to do was skate to the puck and the blunder became official.

Patrick Eaves faced a similar shootout stumble and received grief about it for quite some time, but considering the skill set of Stamkos, this clip could live on for quite some time.

Of course, if I were a defenseman playing against the ultra-talented sniper, I’d probably hesitate to mention the moment and give him any reason to shine the spotlight of embarrasment in the other direction. After all, it’s beyond likely that Stamkos will have far more amazing highlights than embarrassing gaffes. Then again, maybe that’s what makes this clip worth noting.

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Goal of the Night – Henrik Sedin (November 1)

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While I at least try to stay away from choosing shootout goals for these awards, penalty shots are a little different. For one thing, they take place during the actual flow of a game and therefore aren’t involved in the shameful pursuit of a “charity point.” The other big factor is that a player earns a penalty shot, which is far more impressive than a coach tapping your shoulder.

When push comes to shove, I might take a in-game breakaway over a penalty-shot goal (or a great goal against staunch defense) but Henrik Sedin’s goal against Martin Brodeur blows away the competition tonight. That penalty shot tally made it 3-0 for Vancouver, the final nail in the coffin for another embarrassing Devils defeat.