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Patrick Kane

NHL closely ‘following developments’ in Kane situation


The National Hockey League is keeping a close eye on the Patrick Kane investigation in Hamburg, New York, but waiting for more information before reaching any kind of decision.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Chicago Sun-Times in an email on Monday that the league is “following developments” in the police investigation, which reportedly involves Kane and a woman at the 26-year-old’s home last weekend.

“You can assume we are doing everything we need to be doing from the league’s perspective,” said Daly.

According to Sun-Times reporter Mark Lazerus, the league’s security personnel has relationships with local law enforcement in all NHL cities and there is no plan to assign an independent investigator.

Kane is using the same lawyer from that 2009 cab incident

Patrick Kane

With a rape investigation underway, Patrick Kane is turning to the same lawyer who represented him back in 2009, the Associated Press confirms.

That would be Paul J. Cambria, Jr., the attorney who worked with the Chicago Blackhawks winger regarding the infamous “20 cents” incident with a cab driver in the Buffalo area.

The AP reports that Cambria acknowledged his hiring via a text message on Saturday, but didn’t provide any other details.

Cambria isn’t just familiar with Kane, he’s also experienced when it comes to high-profile clients, as his website affirms:

Mr. Cambria’s practice is nationwide, and he divides his time between the firm’s offices in Buffalo and Los Angeles. He has represented many prominent individuals, including the publisher Larry Flynt and musicians DMX and Marilyn Manson.

News of the rape investigation broke on Thursday, while police confirmed it a day later. Kane, 26, is spending a “low-key” day with the Stanley Cup today.

Yes, Patrick Kane is getting his day with the Stanley Cup

Patrick Kane

With legal questions swirling, it was more than reasonable to wonder if Patrick Kane’s day with the Stanley Cup might be postponed or canceled, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

ESPN’s Katie Strang reports that it will happen, yet he’s keeping it to a private day with his family.

(The Chicago Sun-Times has a little more on his “low-key” day with the Cup.)

News surfaced on Thursday that there is a rape investigation underway regarding Kane, 26. Hamburg police confirmed as much on Friday.

While the Chicago Blackhawks winger is getting his day with the Cup, it sounds as though several plans were scuttled, according to the Buffalo News’ Tim Graham.

Graham notes that Scotty Bowman spent time with the trophy on Friday.

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