Cam Ward “scores” a goal

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This season has been downright terrible for Carolina Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward. After only getting two wins from Nov. 23-Dec. 21, the Canes are now on a two-game winning streak thanks to a 4-2 victory against the New Jersey Devils, which marks just their third run of consecutive wins this season.*

Ward grew up idolizing Martin Brodeur, so he’s probably delighted to get a goal to his credit, although it wasn’t Ward who sent the puck all the way down the ice.

Instead it was Brodeur’s own teammate Ilya Kovalchuk, who tried to send the puck to the point but instead fired it into his own net. Darker minds might find that to be a symbolic moment, but either way, Ward received his first career NHL goal and the first in Hurricanes history.

* – The Canes won three straight games from Oct. 12-18 and collected two victories during a back-to-back set on Nov. 20-21.

Video: Carey Price vs. end-zone faceoffs

We here at PHT would like to congratulate Carey Price on his 100th victory yesterday. Now that he has the first 100 out of the way, he can start working on the next 100. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t how he wanted to start his assault on his next milestone:

We will say this: you have to give it up to Tomas Plekanec for such an authoritative faceoff win. He beat Carey Price clean.

It’s safe to say that Patrice Bergeron will never score an easier goal for the rest of his career.

Update (10:50 EST):  At least Carey Price had a sense of humor about the goal after the game.  “I just Bill Bucknered it.”

Video: Jaroslav Halak scores … on himself

Tonight was not a great night for St. Louis Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak.

For one thing, the struggling netminder allowed four goals in the third period alone as the Detroit Red Wings beat the Blues 7-3.

That’s a low moment for sure, but that performance won’t make it onto various blooper reels. Nope, we’re bringing up this video because Halak joined the doomed ranks of Steve Smith, Dan Boyle and Ryan O’Byrne (among others) who scored goals on their one nets.

It was an unlucky accident, obviously, but that won’t stop us from chuckling at it a bit. I mean, isn’t that what professional sports are for?