Crosby, Ovechkin are on Chad Ochocinco’s radar


If you look at a player’s media attention to talent ratio, Chad Ochocinco was once like Terrell Owens – worthy of all the buzz even with the headaches.

Now he’s a little more like Sean Avery –  plenty of hot air, few results – but it’s tough to deny the inherent intrigue of a human who responded to a Sportscenter-appointed nickname by changing his actual name. (Granted, it’s not Ron Artest weird, but Mr. 8-5 blazed a weird trail, unless you give credit to “The Ultimate Warrior.”)

With all that in mind, one cannot help but be tickled a bit by Ochocinco Tweeting to ask his followers for some differences between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. EJ Hradek gave his own take on what separates the two:

Either way, it’s charming to see Ochocinco’s near-child-like wonder about hockey, even if we might want to introduce him to the likes of Pavel Datsyuk, Claude Giroux, Steven Stamkos and many more. (His “introduction” to Evgeni Malkin was kind of adorable, by the way.)

Video: Alexei Emelin’s hip check catches teammate Erik Cole


On paper, a Minnesota Wild-Montreal Canadiens game should be as drab and depressing as the two teams’ current states. The beauty of sports is that a little violence and odd bounces can make even a seemingly bland game a hard-hitting, thrilling and weird 5-4 OT affair (which Montreal won), though.

The strangest moment came when Alexei Emelin delivered a bombastic hip check that would have been awesome if Erik Cole was wearing a Wild jersey:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Questionable accuracy” might be high on the list of “reasons why the hip check is dying,” then.

(No. 1 reason, I’d guess: almost everyone skates really fast now.)

Joe Thornton on TJ Galiardi: “Everybody wanted to kill him”

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In a way, the San Jose Sharks and TJ Galiardi are like two wounded puppies who’ve been united by yesterday’s trade. The Sharks are torn up after a grueling nine-game road trip while Galiardi had been a regular resident of Colorado Avalanche coach Joe Sacco’s doghouse.

Yet if you ask Joe Thornton and the rest of the Sharks about the speedy depth forward, they’ll think back to a better time for Galiardi. The scrappy winger was a big pain for Thornton & Co. in a contentious first round series against the Avalanche in 2010, which brought out some amusing memories from Jumbo Joe, via Kevin Kurz of

“We definitely remember that Colorado series, and we didn’t like them very much and I’m sure they didn’t like us,” Thornton said. “I just remember TJ running around in that series pretty good, and I think everybody wanted to kill him, not just me.”

Good thing they didn’t kill him, though, because then they wouldn’t be able to play hockey and stuff.

Galiardi and Daniel Winnik will make their Sharks debuts against the Philadelphia Flyers tonight, which should provide an awfully fun night cap in NBC Sports Network’s Tuesday doubleheader.

Bloodied Eric Boulton wondered why refs ended fight


The New Jersey Devils edged the Anaheim Ducks 3-2 via a shootout tonight, but not every battle was won. Watch this amusing clip of Eric Boulton’s shortened fight with George Parros:

One can imagine the conversation going like this:

Bloodied Boulton: “What?!!! Why did you stop the fi-”

Official: “Eric, I can see your skull.”

source: Getty Images

At least that’s how I envision the conversation going. (I’m a wishful thinker.)

Rich Chere did some intrepid journalism to find out how it really shook out/burst my bubble.

“I wasn’t hurt or anything but they said they had to get in there,” Boulton said. “I wanted to keep going. I wasn’t hurt. I didn’t feel the blood until they started coming in and then I felt it trickle down my face.

“Linesmen are doing their job trying to protect the players. It was the heat of the moment and I was a little ticked off. I didn’t get a chance to get back at him. They’re just doing their job.”

And Boulton was trying to do his, which often means absorbing punches – and occasionally giving us a laugh.

PHT breaks down Alex Ovechkin’s rock star pressure

PHT’s Mike Halford and Jason Brough shared their thoughts on Olaf Kolzig’s claims that Alex Ovechkin is trying to live up to a “rock star image” on NBC Sports Talk today. (For what it’s worth, Ovi laughed off the comments.)

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

Considering Brough’s comparison to Jamie Foxx’s rapping quarterback character from “Any Given Sunday,” maybe we’re asking the wrong question. Is Ovechkin trying to be a rap superstar instead?

(Immediately imagines Ovechkin pouring out a 40 after a tough loss.)