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Milbury, Jones and McHugh get the Seinfeld Photoshop treatment

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If you love it when “the NBA on TNT” super-imposes Charles Barkley’s mug on random photos or simply love the New Jersey Devils-centric Seinfeld episode, then chances are you’ll love seeing Mike Milbury, Liam McHugh and Keith Jones’ faces Photoshopped on the shirtless bodies of those fictional Devils fans:


Starting from the left, we have McHugh as “David Puddy” (Patrick Warburton), Milbury as Jerry Seinfeld and Jones as “Cosmo Kramer” (Michael Richards). I’d like to think that I’d play the role of George Costanza in this scenario, but maybe that’s just because I might have been better off following his “opposite” strategy when it came to making playoff picks.

Predators fans throw (possibly live) catfish in Game 3


The Detroit Red Wings fans started (or popularized) it all with octopi. Florida Panthers devotees threw plastic rats into the mix. The twangy atmosphere in Nashville gets even funkier when Predators fans throw their answer to the octopus in the form of southern food staple catfish* but Game 3 introduced a potential new wrinkle.

According to the gang at SB Nation, one of the catfish thrown to the ice might have still been alive. Here are the GIFs that captured the odd spectacle.


Here’s the GIF that indicates that it might have been alive, according to SBN:


Here is what Brian Floyd has to say:

“It’s tail is moving and looking all life-like. It would seem to be clinging to life.”

1) Perhaps and 2) weird.

So what do you think? Does that look like a living catfish to you? How do you rate throwing catfish on the fan participation scale? Share your thoughts. (It’s been a strange week of hockey/hunting cross-pollination, hasn’t it?)

* – Do whiskers equal victory or am I over-thinking it?

David Booth kills a bear, compares it to Zdeno Chara


Most players spend their off-seasons playing golf and sleeping. Surely Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth does some of those things, but perhaps it only makes sense that a man who recently quoted Teddy Roosevelt in defeat would post a photo of a big bear he took down on Twitter.

And naturally, Booth compared that bear to Boston Bruins giant Zdeno Chara.

Warning: animal lovers might want to avoid this photo.


Here’s what Booth said about his kill:

“Just killed a Chara-sized bruin! Seven foot black bear – 21 inch skull.”

Something tells me that Booth watches hunting and fishing programs on NBC Sports Network almost as often as he watches hockey …