Jagr gives his wig-wearing imitators a big thumbs up


It doesn’t seem like New Jersey Devils forward Jaromir Jagr has any interest in hanging up his skates in the near future, which means many things … including more opportunities for a bunch of dudes to wear mullet wigs in his honor.

“The Traveling Jagrs” showed up in Edmonton on Friday, and as Eye on Hockey notes, they even had some “Mini Jagrs” on hand during New Jersey’s eventual win. The group has swelled to 11 different representations of the phases of the future Hall-of-Famer’s career:

The 42-year-old thinks his unusual fan club has remarkably good taste, as he told the Bergen Record’s Tom Gulitti.

(Jagr’s swagger is more fun to soak in when he’s in his “elder statesman who doesn’t draw much ire” phase, isn’t it?)

Here’s an older video of the roving band of faux-mulleted admirers:

Video: Zdeno Chara breaks his own record with 105.9 mph shot

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The 2011 NHL SuperSkills Competition will leave behind some fun memories for hockey fans.

Tim Thomas started things off with a little comic relief when he lost his edge and fell during the goalie portion of the fastest skater competition. Daniel Sedin showed off his individual talents by going 8 for 9 in the accuracy shooting portion. Alex Ovechkin and P.K. Subban used the venue to entertain the crowd with their colorful personalities.

Yet the most memorable scene probably came during the hardest shot competition, as powerful defensemen Shea Weber and Zdeno Chara squared off. Weber won the first round, but Chara beat Weber and everyone else – including himself – when he registered a scary 105.9 mile per hour slap shot.

Chara earned his fourth consecutive victory in the hardest shot competition, while that 105.9 broke his previous record of 105.4 mph. That 105.4 mark wrestled the all-time title from memorable mullet man Al Iafrate.

(Odd aside: shooters with the name “Al” dominated the competition from 1990-2000. Iafrate won it three times while Al MacInnis took it six times. The only non-Al was Dave Manson, with a 98.0 mph shot in 1996.)

Anyway, here’s video footage of that Chara slap shot. The question remains: can Chara or someone else hit the 106 mph mark as players get stronger and sticks create more powerful shots?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Shot of 105.9 via Versus/NHL.com.)

L.A. Kings rock mullets in honor of Ryan Smyth’s 1,000th game

A great artist named Wesley Willis once pleaded with his audience to “Cut the Mullet.” (If you’re working right now, don’t play that song out loud. Just a suggestion.)

Most hockey players got that memo – even some of its greatest and most prominent proponents, such as Jaromir Jagr – but for the most part, Los Angeles Kings forward Ryan Smyth resisted such calls.

In a tribute to the savvy veteran’s 1,000th game, his mostly young teammates wore mullet wigs. Check out the amusing video at the top of this post to see more. (The highlight, for me at least, was a mulleted Anze Kopitar, although it’s hard to top it flowing from a goalie mask either.)