Catch the puck if you can: Chicago FBI joins search for Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup winning puck

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Patrick Kane’s Stanley Cup-winning shot didn’t just foil Philadelphia Flyers goalie Michael Leighton. A good chunk of the hockey watching public couldn’t tell that the puck crossed the red line on that sudden Kane shot. The chaos following the goal caused a lot of confusion and perhaps for that reason, the location of the Chicago Blackhawks’ Cup winning puck remains unknown.

Apparently some members of the Chicago FBI consider the search police business, too.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the city’s high ranking investigators are willing to help the team track down the historic puck. Before you get angry about the waste of taxpayers money, relax: word is that the Chicago FBI are assisting the search “on their own time.”

You might think that Chris Pronger would be the hot witness in the case, but he at least claims that he was too dejected by that deciding loss to focus on his puck nabbing antics.

While the FBI is willing to lend a hand, this is still an unsolved mystery. Surely there’s some ice hockey/”cold case file” pun opportunties floating around, but I’ll leave those to our plucky commenters.

Mark Wells’ Miracle on Ice gold medal sells for $310K

A few months ago, we passed along the news that Mark Wells decided to make the sad decision to sell his gold medal from the unforgettable* 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team run (aka “The Miracle on Ice”).

At the time, estimates indicated that the gold medal would fetch something along the lines of a $125K bid because of the moment’s historic importance and the extreme rarity of such openly endorsed gold medals. (Plus it’s made of gold … that’s what I like to call the Shiny Object Bonus.)

Well, Puck Daddy’s Sean Leahy points out that the auction went for much more than that, fetching an impressive – though far from unthinkable – $310,700 from an unnamed bidder at Heritage Auctions.

Wells went out of his way to prove that the medal was his, including writing an emotional (and somewhat heartbreaking) letter that pointed out the fact that he slept with the medal until the day he was forced to give it up. Ouch.

Who knows what will be done with the gold medal, but hopefully Wells might see it again someday.

* – I say this was unforgettable mainly from stories I’ve been told, since it happened more than four years before I was born.

(Gold medal image via Heritage Auctions.)