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PHT Live Chat — Stanley Cup finals Game 1: Los Angeles at New Jersey


Welcome to ProHockeyTalk’s Cover it Live chat for tonight’s Kings-Devils game. Mike Halford and Jason Brough will be your hosts this evening. There’s no formal dress code, the crab cakes are on special and sorry, but we don’t validate parking.


ProHockeyTalk Stanley Cup finals Game 7 live chat

Stanley Cup Vancouver Hockey

It all comes to an end tonight. Game 7 between Boston and Vancouver from Rogers Arena. Tim Thomas shapes up to be the Conn Smythe Trophy winner tonight win or lose, but we’re sure he’d much rather be lifting two trophies tonight instead of one. Roberto Luongo looks to show that his home ice dominance is no fluke and win yet another huge game on the ice at Rogers Arena. After having already won a gold medal there in 2010 for Team Canada, he’s hoping to give the City of Vancouver something a bit more personal to go wild for tonight.

It’s the last game of the season and it’s time to stop the squawking and chirping and… Move that entertainment into our live chat as we all sit back and soak in the glamour, the glory, and the vomit-inducing excitement that is a Stanley Cup finals Game 7.

PHT Game 7 live chat tonight at 8 p.m. ET

Fans Gather to Watch Game Six of the NHL Stanley Cup Final
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With Game 7 coverage starting on NBC tonight at 8 p.m. ET we’ll be live chatting with you guys tonight starting promptly at 8:00. With everything hanging on tonight’s game in Vancouver from Rogers Arena, it’s only right that we’re here to share in the game with you guys and bring it all together for the final game of the season in which we’ll see some hardware trotted out on the ice.

We’ll be observing, snarking, poking fun and most of all riding the waves of emotion all night long for as long as the game goes and through the celebrations.

So mark your calendars (as if you haven’t already) starting at 8 p.m. ET join us here at PHT for the live chat during Game 7. We know you’re going to be watching it anyhow, so just join us while you do that.