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Report: Penguins interested in Jordan Staal


Jordan Staal began his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and that team is apparently once again interested in the 26-year-old center, who now plays for the Carolina Hurricanes, according to a report from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

A move likely would not take place until after the season, though the Penguins have inquired about what it would take to obtain the Carolina Hurricane before the March 2 NHL trade deadline, sources said.

Such a move would require the Penguins to slash significant salary, as they are less than $1 million under the $69 million salary cap.

Staal signed a 10-year, $60 million contract in July 2012, days after the Penguins traded him to Carolina. Current Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford signed Staal to the deal after swapping center Brandon Sutter, defenseman Brian Dumoulin and the eighth overall pick in the 2012 draft.

The Penguins drafted Staal second overall in the 2006 NHL Draft. He played six seasons in Pittsburgh, before being traded to Carolina, where he was united with his brother Eric Staal.

Eric Staal on playing with Jordan: ‘We’re a threat every night’

Colorado Avalanche v Carolina Hurricanes

One would hope that the Carolina Hurricanes would get something like a lite version of what the Sedin twins have in pairing Eric Staal and Jordan Staal, but it turns out that isn’t quite as simple.

Instead, it’s been a learning process, as Eric told NHL.com that he spent most of his life competing against (rather than alongside) his brother Jordan.

“I’ve never played with him in my life,” Eric said. “Even on the outdoor rink we played against each other, so it’s not like I have anything to go on. I’ve watched him my whole life. I know his game, what he does, what he’s good at and what I’m good at, but we’re figuring it out as we go.”

The profile points out that the two have combined for 20 points since pairing up (Jordan in the middle, Eric moving to the wing) on Dec. 29. Eric remarked that “we’re a threat every night.”

After years of carrying depth linemates, it must be a luxury for Jordan to play with a partner as talented as his brother. It makes sense that his strategy is simply to get Eric the puck, then. Their size and skill remind their brother Marc Staal of playing against Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry.

It’s probably safe to say that it’s too late for the sibling pairing to be something opponents worry about (beyond being a spoiler threat), yet such comparisons have to give Carolina some much-needed hope for the future.

Eric Staal happy to stick with left wing to play alongside brother Jordan

St. Louis Blues v Carolina Hurricanes

Eric Staal has made a career out of serving as a center, but recently the 30-year-old shifted to the left wing so that he could play on a line with his younger brother, fellow center Jordan Staal. That’s an arrangement Eric isn’t pushing to change.

“I’m having a lot of fun playing with Jordan,” the elder Staal said, per the News & Observer. “I’ve played center my whole life. It’s a different position on left wing, but when you’re playing with someone with his strengths, it balances and helps my game.”

Jordan didn’t make his season debut since Dec. 29 due to a fractured fibula, but his recent presence on the top line with his brother has been a big part of Carolina’s turnaround. The Hurricanes are 7-2-2 in January.

At the same time, shifting Eric Staal to the wing takes away Carolina’s potential one-two punch up the middle, which might be detrimental to the team in the long run. It also adds a new wrinkle as Eric edges closer to the expiration of his seven-year, $57.75 million contract in the summer of 2016.

Even with the Hurricanes’ recent run, their playoff hopes are all-but completely gone as they remain 18 points shy of the second Wild Card spot. Even still, if they stay hot in February, it might give GM Ron Francis cause to be conservative when selling assets over the deadline under the belief that this team is closer to contending than they appeared over the first half of the campaign.

That might also be enough to dampen the trade rumors swirling around Eric, which would also naturally be to his liking.

“I’ve been here a long time,” Eric said. “It’s a place that I hold in my heart, and obviously if I was asked differently or it came to that, you cross those bridges when you come to them. As of right now, I’m a member of the Hurricanes and that’s what I’m hoping to be, but you never know what can happen as you move forward.”