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Vancouver Canucks v Anaheim Ducks

Francois Beauchemin avoids suspension

The Anaheim Ducks will play without a marginal player in J.F. Jacques,* but important defenseman Francois Beauchemin avoided a suspension for his hit that separated the shoulder of Columbus Blue Jackets sniper Jeff Carter. Decide for yourself if the NHL made the right decision by reviewing the video below:

* – Jacques received a three-game suspension for his check on R.J. Umberger.

NHL hands J.F. Jacques a three-game suspension

Ryan Hollweg, J.F. Jacques

As PHT anticipated, the NHL did decide to discipline J.F. Jacques for his hit on R.J. Umberger. (Initials on initials crime is wrong, man.) The league decided to give him a three-game ban for his actions, as you can see in this Brendan Shanahan video:

Shanahan & Co. have one more Anaheim Ducks player to rule on, as Francois “Don’t call me Frenchie” Beauchemin still needs a verdict regarding his questionable check.

Update: In case you’re wondering, the suspension will cost Jacques $23,780.49 because he’s a repeat offender. Ducks GM Bob Murray accepted the league’s decision, as you can see via Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times.

“J.F. hit a player that was vulnerable after shooting the puck, and he needs to be more aware in those situations,” Murray said. “We accept the league’s ruling and will move forward.”

J.F. Jacques is probably getting suspended for elbowing

Brad Staubitz, Jean Francois Jacques
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J.F. Jacques has spent most of his season on an airplane riding between Anaheim and Syracuse thanks to be called up from and sent down to the AHL. The next call he gets is probably going to be from Brendan Shanahan, however, thanks to a head shot on Columbus forward R.J. Umberger.

As you can see in the video, Jacques goes out of his way to hit Umberger in the head with his elbow and even appears to leave his feet to do so. That’s about as dirty as dirty gets.

Umberger has a history of concussion problems dating back to his days in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Jacques is a guy that is essentially a fourth line player looking to make a difference to stick around. This isn’t the way to do it and Shanahan will be sure to remind him of that.