Erik Karlsson fined for slashing Bergenheim


Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson is going to have a lighter wallet today.

Karlsson was fined $2,500 for his slash on Florida’s Sean Bergenheim on Sunday. Swedes and Finns not getting along? Why, I never. As you should know by now, $2,500 is the maximum amount allowed under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

For Karlsson it’s the first time he’s been rung up by the league for doing something dastardly. Now that he’s got a record, he’ll have the ever-watchful eye of the league watching him closer for misdeeds. Bergenheim was not hurt on the play.

Given the Karlsson seems like the least likely player to do something dirty, you’d like to think we won’t be hearing from him again anytime soon.

NHL fines Kris Versteeg for cross-check


The NHL decided to fine Florida Panthers forward Kris Versteeg $2,500 for cross-checking Washington Capitals center Jeff Halpern in the closing moments of a Feb. 17 contest.

No word regarding how this verdict may or may not affect Versteeg’s ridiculous hair cut. (One would assume that a suspension would have given him a little time to look up a Super Cuts or something.)

Versteeg actually has one suspension on his record from his rookie season in December 2008. The then-Chicago Blackhawks winger got in a squabble that left then-Phoenix Coyotes forward Kyle Turris with a bloody nose.

There’s no easy-to-find video of Versteeg’s check on Halpern, so I’ll leave it to your memories. Did Versteeg deserve a suspension, was the fine good enough or did the incident warrant no discipline at all?

NHL fines, but doesn’t suspend Dominic Moore


The New York Rangers are furious with Dominic Moore for his hit on Ruslan Fedotenko, but the NHL’s only medium-strength mad about it. The league decided to fine the agitating Tampa Bay Lightning center $2,500 instead of giving him a suspension.

There wasn’t much elaboration about the decision as the NHL only says that the fine is “for an interference infraction that caused an injury” to Fedotenko.

Check out video of the check below and let us know if Moore deserves a suspension, just a fine or no discipline at all. (If you put a check in the “suspension” box, feel free to share how long you think he should have been forced to sit.)

Subban fined $2,500 for “dangerous trip” on Kunitz


P.K. Subban’s Pittsburgh-enraging slew-foot-like hit on Pens forward Chris Kunitz did get noticed by the league, but not in a way that will keep Pens fans happy.

Subban was fined $2,500 by the NHL for what the league is calling a “dangerous trip” on Kunitz during the third period of the Pens’ 5-4 shootout win over the Habs. If you didn’t know already, $2,500 is the maximum allowable fine under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Subban was able to avoid action by the league for elbowing Boston’s David Krejci just last week, but it’s apparent that the league warned him about these sorts of hits. Now that Subban has been fined for this apparent slew-foot he’ll forever be on the league’s radar for any kind of dangerous hit or play.

Such is life when you earn a record like that and now Subban will need to watch himself, or his feet, in the future.

NHL fines Nik Antropov for boarding hit

The NHL decided to hand Winnipeg Jets forward Nik Antropov the maximum $2,500 fine for a boarding hit on Buffalo Sabres defenseman T.J. Brennan.

Video of the offending check is scarce or non-existent on Internet searches, so I’ll leave it to those who have strong opinions one way or another: is this a sufficient punishment for Antropov? Did he deserve a suspension instead? Or could it be that the minor penalty he received in the game itself was enough?

Share your thoughts in the comments and if you happen to know of video footage for the hit, by all means, feel free to post it.