Watch Sharks coach Todd McLellan get angry about last night’s game


San Jose Sharks coach Todd McLellan is a pretty mild-mannered guy most of the time. After seeing his team drop Game 2 to St. Louis 3-0 with a finish that saw fights galore, he couldn’t keep his feelings from coming out in the post-game press conference.

When asked what he thought of Game 2, he didn’t hold back.

“Well it depends what you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the instigator, the sucker punch, the blow to the head, the broken nose… What do you think I thought of it,” McLellan asked. Yikes, have at it coach.

As for the fights at the end of the game where men were men and dropped the gloves? Check out the carnage as well as Justin Braun’s bad decision to drop the gloves with Roman Polak.

Wild coach doesn’t pull punches after another bad loss

Going into tonight’s Minnesota Wild-Toronto Maple Leafs game, it seemed like Leafs coach Ron Wilson would be the biggest story. Wilson was the guy who broke up one of the NHL’s most explosive combos in Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul, after all.

The Wild’s coach ended up being the biggest source of controversy instead, however, as Mike Yeo provided some candid criticisms of his free-falling team after they lost 4-1.

“I’ve been coaching for quite awhile, and I’ve been part of a lot of games I didn’t like,” Yeo said. “This one ranks right up there.”

“We can get mad at the refs, but it’s not their fault … We have to take a good long look at ourselves.”

Yeo’s team is now on an 11-game win-less streak in road games, going 0-9-2. Ultimately, the new-look Leafs beat the same-old Wild as Minnesota’s anemic offense has only managed 11 goals in that 11-game span.

Minnesota beat writer Michael Russo captures the frustration of that futility almost as well as Yeo did:


Minnesota has been out-scored 35-11 during its nightmare 11-game road slump.

Strangely enough, both the Maple Leafs and Wild are now located at ninth place in their respective conferences with 51 points. It’s not tough to imagine that the mood is far more positive in Toronto than it is in Minnesota right now, though.

Here are the highlights (or lowlights, if you’re a Wild fan).

John Tortorella: “We sucked from head to toe”


Rangers coach John Tortorella isn’t always the sweetest guy in post-game press conferences. I know, shocking news there, but after the Rangers’ 2-0 loss to Edmonton, instead of blowing up at a reporter to two Tortorella kept it simple.

Brutally simple. (Video at MSG website)

If you can’t see the video, here’s your verbal gold.

“This is gonna be really quick. I am not taking any questions. We sucked from head to toe and we need to move by it. So I’m not going to dissect with you guys. I know you have to do your job, but I’m not answering any questions. OK?”

We’re being blessed by wonderful post-game quotes from coaches. It was Barry Trotz a few days ago with his rear-end-reaming rant against his Predators and now Tortorella gets in on the act here.

One thing that we were already excited about just shot up the ladder concerning Tortorella: The Rangers’ appearances on HBO’s 24/7 are going to be absolutely electrifying.

It’s a bummer that the Rangers are agitating Tortorella like this now before their cameras are following them all over the place. If this kind of maddening play from New York continues, however, we might actually see Tortorella pop a blood vessel when “dissecting” the Rangers’ play with reporters in December.

Get your popcorn ready, kids.