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NHL investigation says human error caused L.A.’s clock problem in February


Remember when time actually stood still in Los Angeles back in February? The Kings were able to score a go-ahead goal with less than a second to play over the Columbus Blue Jackets thanks to the clock being slow to start after a face off.

As it turns out, the NHL’s investigation into what caused the clock to not start on time was pretty simple. Sean Fitz-Gerald of The National Post reports it was human error that worked in the Kings’ favor.

On Thursday, Peter Hurzeler, a veteran official in charge of timing at the Olympics, put it in simple terms: “It’s manual — the clock doesn’t know when it has to stop.”

It sounds like such a simple explanation, but when you have error-prone humans (something all of us are) running machines that are mostly flawless, these things will happen.

At the very least, this whole situation got us an amazingly snarky post from Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson and a fascinating explanation from Kings GM Dean Lombardi about coulombs and how time functions.

Jackets-Rangers produces another clock controversy

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When the Columbus Blue Jackets go on the road, it seems like clock controversies follow them. The incident involving the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center robbed them of a chance to go to overtime while Sunday’s incident went in their “favor.”

Here’s video of what maybe should have been a 3-1 goal for the New York Rangers in the waning moments of the second period. Paul Kukla mentions that the Columbus feed showed the goal happening with .2 seconds left while the Rangers one has it with .1:

The Rangers ended up winning 3-2 in overtime, so it didn’t really hurt the Rangers. The Blue Jackets still seem primed to get the best odds of winning the draft lottery, too. With that in mind, this boils down to just being something the league should have its eye on when the games matter for – you  know – both teams.

Kings clock investigation to be interrupted by The Grammys

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The investigation into whether or not there were nefarious shenanigans behind the mysterious clock stoppage at Staples Center is going on hiatus.

No, Colin Campbell isn’t lacking in witnesses or other people to talk to to find out if the clock hold up that cost the Columbus Blue Jackets a shot at overtime against the L.A. Kings last weekend, instead the NHL is clearing out of town to make room for The Grammys. Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun has the details.

Bruce Springsteen, Adele and even Jack Black will be clock blockers all week, preventing the NHL’s IT people from getting into Staples Center until Feb. 13 to test the Daktronics timer.

Well who are we to get in the way of “The Boss” anyhow?

Having to wait things out for a week will only keep the Blue Jackets from finding out if their hard-luck loss was due to a mechanical malfunction or not. Sure Dean Lombardi believes he’s got science on his side, but the Blue Jackets would just like to know whether they got hosed or not.

The league already said the result won’t be changed, but getting a moral victory might be nice since wins of any kind have been hard for Columbus to come by.