Watch Brooks Orpik send Daniel Paille flying


Brooks Orpik is a terrifying physical presence on the ice for the Penguins and if you’re going to skate through center ice, you’d better know where he’s at.

That tip could’ve been useful to Bruins forward Daniel Paille as Orpik cleaned him out at center ice during this afternoon’s game with the sort of hit that ends up on a Don Cherry highlight reel. Best part of it all? It was totally legal.

ROOT Sports’ Paul Steigerwald yelling about Paille flying 25 feet away after Orpik’s hit wasn’t total hyperbole, a historic moment in its own right.

Video: Brother-on-brother crime as Eric Staal crushes Marc Staal

We know you get a little bit tweaked any time there’s a game featuring more than one of the Staal brothers. After all, you can’t help but have your attention being brought to the fact that they grew up together and now they get to face off against each other.

Last night, Carolina’s Eric Staal showed younger brother Marc that while he might be a forward, he can still hit like a big man. Late in the second period, Marc was carrying the puck up the boards and his older brother taught him a lesson that didn’t involve being served a noogie or a wedgie but instead ended up being a monstrous shoulder-to-shoulder check that put Marc down on the ice.

On first glance it looked like it was a potentially questionable hit, but being the good brother he was, he merely hit him with a huge, clean check. Marc Staal did leave the game with an injury, but coach John Tortorella said afterward that it wasn’t a head injury but rather one to his knee that he suffered in the first period. So much for that angle on the story. Anyhow, you came here for the video and we’ve got it for you. We’re pretty sure that Mrs. Staal won’t approve of her boys playing so rough with each other.

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