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Poll: Is Tortorella being a “pompous ass” or just doing his job?


Sportsnet reporter Mark Spector went on a bit of a Twitter rant today, ripping New York Rangers coach John Tortorella for his rather curt interactions with the media (as seen here and here and here).





Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this business, it’s that nobody ever feels sorry for the media. That being said, I think Tortorella could try a bit harder. Not by divulging injuries or anything, just by sharing a little more on certain subjects.

Take this answer from yesterday’s press conference:

On whether Marian Gaborik had one of his better games: “He was OK.”

Care to expand?

Then there was this exchange:

Reporter: “John, do you think your Jack Adams nomination is reflective of the …”

Tortorella: (interrupts)

Reporter: “… is reflective of the organization’s …”

Tortorella: “You guys had a chance to ask me about that yesterday and you didn’t. So, let’s talk about the team.”

Except reporters have already tried asking him about the team. Besides, would it really kill him to answer a question about being nominated for coach of the year? Who cares if the nominations came out yesterday?

Of course, there’s always the chance Torts is just giving a big middle finger to the league after being fined twice for talking too much.

So let’s vote.

Tortorella dislikes the part of the press conference where you ask if he dislikes press conferences

John Tortorella

Since we’ve reached the point where John Tortorella conducting a presser is infinitely more interesting than the actual presser, it’s not surprising a reporter finally asked him about it.

Here’s the blow-by-blow from Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News:

Reporter: “Are you this way with us just because you don’t like dealing with us?”

Tortorella: “No.”

Reporter: “Or is there a strategy behind not …”

Tortorella: “What are you being a wise a**?”

Reporter: “No, I’m being sincere.”

Tortorella: “I’m being sincere, too. I’m not gonna give you much information. Some of you guys sit here and tell me I’m curt or whatever. I’m not gonna have a staring contest. If you don’t ask me questions, I’ll just leave. So that’s the way it is. I’m sorry I’m not a guy that wants to converse about everything during the playoffs. I’m not.

A reporter then asked if Gaborik had one of his better games on Monday night, to which Tortorella replied, “He was OK.”

I imagine this Tortorella v. Media situation will keeping getting more meta/self aware, until it eventually spawns into an episode of Community.


Here’s video of the presser.


Hitchcock, MacLean and Tortorella are your Jack Adams finalists

torts jack adams

In a year where a number of coaches could’ve been nominated for the Jack Adams Award, the NHL whittled its candidate list down to three today:

St. Louis’ Ken Hitchcock, Ottawa’s Paul MacLean and the New York Rangers’ John Tortorella.

A look at the finalists…


The NHL’s oldest coach (60), Hitch took the Blues job on Nov. 6 from Davis Payne, who’d guided the team to a mediocre 6-7-0 start — putting St. Louis 14th in the conference. What transpired after the takeover was one of the greatest in-season turnarounds in franchise history, as the Blues went 43-15-11 to finish the year atop the Central Division (first win since 1999-2000) and second overall in the Western Conference.

This is Hitchcock’s fourth time as a Jack Adams finalists (1997, 1998, 1999, all with Dallas) — he’s still looking for his first win, however.


The rookie head coach had a tall order heading into 2011-12, inheriting a team that finished 13th in the East the year prior while working with a roster full of young, inexperienced players. This makes what MacLean did all the more impressive — he led the Sens to a 92-point season (18 more than last year) and got Ottawa into the playoffs as the No. 8 seed.

With the nomination, MacLean becomes the first Ottawa head coach become a Jack Adams finalist since Jacques Martin in 2003.


The 2004 Jack Adams winner (he also won the Stanley Cup that year with Tampa Bay), Tortorella took the Rangers to first place in the Eastern Conference since 1993-94 while overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. New York opened the season with a four-countries-in-10-days trip, then went on a Western Canada road swing for four games, then finally played their first home game of the year on Oct. 27. Throw in the hoopla surrounding the Winter Classic and HBO’s 24/7, and Tortorella’s accomplishments seem even more impressive.

With the nomination, Torts becomes the first Rangers head coach to be nominated for the Jack Adams since Tom Renney in 2006.

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Tortorella says Rangers should feel proud “for about an hour”

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 26: Henrik Lundqvist #30 of the New York Rangers protects the net against Jason Spezza #19 of the Ottawa Senators in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden on April 26, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

It took the New York Rangers seven games, and they only barely managed to come away with a 2-1 victory on Thursday, but they’ve succeeded. They’re going to the second round.

“They should be real proud of themselves,” Rangers coach John Tortorella said. “For about an hour.”

Yes, because ultimately getting past the first round was never the goal. The Rangers finished the season with the top seed in the Eastern Conference and won more games than any team still standing. A long playoff run is the expectation, although to accomplish that they’ll have to get through the Washington Capitals. Washington dispatched them in five games last season, but a lot has changed over the last year.

“They’re a team that’s a lot like we are,” Henrik Lundqvist told PHT’s Joe Yerdon. “It’s going to be a hard series.”

The Rangers have already experienced one of those in their playoff run and so have the Capitals for that matter. Then again, there aren’t many easy playoff series anymore.

Tortorella holds very, very brief press conference

John Tortorella

Rangers coach John Tortorella spoke to reporters this morning in Ottawa, though that may be overstating things.

If you’ve got 53 seconds to kill, have a listen, courtesy Team 1200.

For those that don’t have the time, a recap:

—-Torts says Carl Hagelin has been good for the Rangers.

—-Torts won’t comment on another team’s player (Daniel Alfredsson).

—-Torts says the Rangers won’t play any different on the road than at home.

And when some poor reporter tried to ask a fourth question a fraction of a section late?

“You missed, man. You missed.”