Author: NBC Sports

2010 NHL Free Agency: Paul Martin an option for Pittsburgh?

With the Pittsburgh Penguins losing Sergei Gonchar to the Senators, the talk has now heated up with the Pens becoming interested in defenseman Paul Martin.

Martin was unable to re-sign with the Devils and is now on the open market. You wonder just how much the Penguins would be willing to give Martin, however, as they seemed unwilling to make a big commitment to Gonchar.

Of course, Martin is just a bit younger than Gonchar — who’s had some injury issues of his own lately. The Penguins would likely be much more willing to give Martin the money that Gonchar wanted, for more years, especially considering Martin’s age and potential.

2010 NHL Free Agency: Blues sign Alex Steen to contract extension

The St. Louis Blues have signed Alex Steen to a four-year contract extension, the summer after enjoying a bit of a breakout season with 24 goals last season.

Steen played his first four seasons with Toronto before being traded to St. Louis in November, 2008.

We’ll update on the financial terms when they’re available.

2010 NHL Free Agency: Alex Tanguay signs with Calgary Flames

Alex Tanguay is headed back to Calgary, signing a one-year contract with the Flames. He enjoyed the best season of his career a few years back with Calgary, but scored just 37 points last year with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Still haven’t heard the exact financial terms, but for now we knows it’s a one-year deal. Tanguay is just 30 years old, but he’s bounced around the past few seasons and you wonder if Tanguay is the player they really need. Sure, he had some great years in the past but lately he hasn’t been the offensive force he’d been just a few years ago.

Tanguay hasn’t been the same player he once was in a few years, which is why it was just a one-year contract.