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2010 NHL Entry Draft: Calgary Flames draft preview

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The Flames will certainly be focusing on offense this season, as
their system is flush with defensive prospects and severely lacking any
“wow” forwards. The Flames have traded away a number of their top
offensive prospects and haven’t had the top picks needed to really
bolster their system; which is unfortunate as the franchise is facing a
number of questions, especially on offense, heading into the next few
seasons.Unfortunately, because of the same reasons their lacking
offensive talent in the system, the Flames don’t pick until the third
round and will be hard pressed to find “can’t miss” talent this year.

2010 draft picks

Round 3 – 64th
Round 3 – 73rd
Round 4 – 103rd
Round 4 –
Round 5 – 133rd
Round 6 – 163rd
Round 7 – 193rd

Top prospects (per Hockey’s

1. Mikael Backlund, C
2. Greg Nemisz, RW
3. Tim Erixon, D
John Negrin, D
5. T.J. Brodie, D
6. Ryan Howse, LW
7. Mitch
Wahl, C
8. Matt Pelech, D
9. Leland Irving, G
10. Matt Keetley,

What the blogs are saying:


Of course, guessing picks in rounds three or later is several orders
of magnitude more difficult. Draft boards tend to diverge wildly outside
of the top 30 of any given draft, with some teams rating players that
others wouldn’t touch. The consensus ranks developed by groups such as
NHL central scouting are merely a sketchy roadmap for any wannabe draft
day prophet as well – each team has it’s own scouts, preferences and

So while the Flames have easily identifiable
needs and draft habits, the fact that they don’t currently own a choice
in the top 60 means we’re throwing darts in the dark here. Doesn’t mean
that this isn’t a worthwhile exercise, but just don’t be surprised if
the Flames pick someone not mentioned (and perhaps, no one has ever
heard of) at #64.

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    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Buffalo Sabres draft preview

    A well-oiled machine often just needs tweaking and the Sabres under
    GM Darcy Regier have shown they’re great at doing just that. There are
    lots of NHL-ready players already in their system but what they’re
    missing out on are guys who are big-time goal scorers. While guys like
    Tyler Ennis and Tim Kennedy are nice complimentary pieces, they’re
    missing out on playmakers at center and goal-scorers on the wing. Expect
    them to be shrewd and scope out the best of what they can get at 23rd
    overall because they won’t pick again until the third round where
    they’ll pick three times.

    2010 draft picks:

    Round 1 – 23rd
    Round 3 – 68th
    Round 3 – 75th
    Round 3 – 83rd
    4 – 98th
    Round 5 – 143rd
    Round 6 – 173rd
    Round 7 – 203rd

    Top prospects (per
    Hockey’s Future

    1. Tyler Ennis, C
    2. Jhonas Enroth, G
    3. Zack Kassian, RW
    Luke Adam, C
    5. Mike Weber, D
    6. Brayden McNabb, D
    7. Nathan
    Gerbe, LW
    8. Corey Tropp, RW
    9. T.J. Brennan, D
    10. Drew
    Schiestel, D

    PHT’s mock draft results:

    23 –
    Sheahan – C – U. of Notre Dame (CCHA)

    An exciting
    prospect before last season, his production dropped off with Notre Dame
    and he’s fallen a bit. Yet he’s a gritty two-way player that excells in
    all areas of the ice, and is more than just a flashy scorer like you see
    at the top of the draft.

    What the blogs are saying:

    By The Blade:

    The first option would be to draft a power forward because the team
    lacks offensive depth at the AHL level and beyond, while the defensive
    corps is stacked with talented, potential NHL-caliber players. While
    power-forward as the top of my list, the best player available has to be
    the strategy at number 23. It is crap shoot to draft 18 year-old
    players and project what type of player they will be when they are 22 or

    I had a few power forwards in mind but with players like Austin
    Watson and Riley Sheahan off the board, I was forced to look in another
    direction. I narrowed down the choices to USNTDP U-18 defenseman Jared
    Tinordi and Moose Jaw Warriors defenseman Dylan McIlrath. The final
    decision was to select the toughest player in the draft, Dylan McIlrath.

    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Pro Hockey Talk's mock draft


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    It’s that time. Pro Hockey Talk now presents our highly anticipated,
    most likely grossly inaccurate mock for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. For
    any NHL draft, and especially this year, anything after the fifth pick
    is up in the air. It’s isn’t about grabbing a player to fit a need, as
    team’s choose who they generally feel is the best player left on the
    draft board. There’s always exceptions, but generally teams’ boards are
    much different than all of the rankings we see leading up to the draft.

    is still some debate this year, however, and I’m sure some of our picks
    will be a bit contrarian. We’ll get started, with the Edmonton Oilers

    1. Edmonton Oilers

    Taylor Hall – LW – Windsor (OHL)

    The Oilers are in dire
    need of an impact player, and Taylor Hall is primed to be that player
    immediately this season. A lot of the debate this summer has been
    whether Hall or Tyler Seguin deserves the top spot, but in the end it’s
    Hall that will ultimately be the more dynamic scoring machine of the
    two. It’s this remarkable scoring touch that the Oilers need and what
    they’ll get with Hall.

    2. Boston Bruins

    Seguin – C – Plymouth (OHL)

    Seguin may ultimately
    develop into the more complete player between himself and Hall, as he is
    certainly the most well-rounded playmaker in this year’s draft. He’s a
    center that makes the players around him better, and he’ll get the
    chance to make an instant difference next season in Boston.

    Florida Panthers

    Cam Fowler – D – Windsor (OHL)

    next big debate this summer is who goes next after Hall and Seguin. For
    most of this past season it’s been Fowler, but recently Gudbranson has
    taken the 3rd spot in nearly every recent mock draft. We’re sticking
    with our guns here, and going with the most offensively talented
    blueliner in the draft and a player who is likely the best skater of all
    the players this season.

    4. Columbus Blue Jackets

    Gudbranson – D – Kingston (OHL)

    Thank you Tyler
    Myers. His emergence as a top defenseman in the NHL as a large, solid
    blueliner has considerably raised Gudbranson’s stock. The defenseman out
    of the OHL is said to be the very next Chris Pronger, although
    hopefully without the bad attitude. He’s already a large fellow (6-4,
    195) but at 18 years old is likely not going to make the jump to the NHL
    right away.

    5. NY Islanders 

    Connolly – RW – Prince George (WHL)

    If Connolly had been
    healthy last season then this would have likely had been a three-headed
    battle for the top pick. Instead, he played in just 16 games for Prince
    George last season while battling a hip injury. With his injury history,
    taking Connolly this high is a big risk but his potential is just too
    great to pass him up. He has the ability to become the best player to
    come out of this draft class, if healthy.

    6. Tampa Bay

    Nino Niederreiter – RW – Porland (WHL)

    was tempted to put Gormley in this spot, as it’s tough to picture him
    falling past Tampa Bay. Yet the Lightning took Victor Hedman last year
    and now have the chance to add one of the premier all-around forwards in
    the draft. He’s one of the hardest workers of all the players this
    year, and  showcased exceptional playmaking skill. His stock has
    skyrocketed since a great showing at the World Juniors and it’s tough to
    picture the Lightning passing up the chance to take a talent like

    7. Carolina Hurricanes

    Gormley – D – Moncton (QMJHL)

    Gormley is the rare
    defensemen with all of the tools and he would instantly improve the
    Carolina blueline. He’s gifted
    offensively, he can move the puck with ease, is a great skater and is
    more than solid in his own end. He’s the type of toolsy defenseman all
    teams wish they had and can be a top blueliner the Hurricanes can build
    around moving forward.

    8. Atlanta Thrashers

    Johansen – C – Portland (WHL)

    Johansen will need more
    time in the WHL to mature, both physically and as a player, but he would
    instantly become the most exciting prospect for the Thrashers. He is
    praised for his hockey sense and ability to avoid defenders while with
    the puck, but is much to lanky to take the step to the next level at
    this point – he’d be killed, no matter how “shifty” he is. Still, he’s a
    pure scorer and playmaker who is drawing comparisons to Eric Staal.

    Minnesota Wild

    Mikael Granlund – C – HIFK

    He’s the top ranked European skater and for good
    reason. He’s magical with the puck and his leadership and intangibles
    are nearly unmatched outside of the top two this year. The only reason
    he wouldn’t go higher is he’s yet to play in North America, and
    generally European players need some time to mature heading into the
    NHL. It won’t be long, however, as Granlund has the offensive talent the
    Wild desperately need as they move forward under their new system.

    NY Rangers

    Alexander Burmistrov – C – Barrie (OHL)

    so small (5-11, 147) and not very well built, but his raw offensive
    talent and exceptional speed will make it hard for teams to pass him up.
    He’s like the Barry Sanders of hockey, weaving his way across the ice
    and is nearly impossible to hit, but there’s no way he’s ready for the
    NHL anytime soon.

    11. Dallas Stars

    Derek Forbort – D – USA U-18 (USDP)

    This is the perfect
    player for the Stars to take in this spot. He’s a big, steady and
    talented defenseman who wont score many goals but does everything else
    nearly perfectly and many think he has the most potential of any
    defenseman in the draft.

    12. Anaheim Ducks

    Skinner – RW – Kitchener (OHL)

    He’s going to fall because
    of his size (5-10, 187) but he’s about as pure a scorer as you can
    find. 90 points last year in 64 with Kitchener (OHL), and with another
    year of putting on muscle is deadly close to becoming the next great,
    young sniper in the NHL.

    13. Phoenix Coyotes

    Watson – LW – Peterborough (OHL)

    Flew under the radar in
    Windsor but really shined after being traded to Peterborough, and teams
    are high on his leadership and combination of size and skill. He’s the
    “hidden gem” that a player is labled with every draft.

    St. Louis Blues

    Dylan McIlrath – D – Moose Jaw (WHL)

    big and is perhaps the most intimidating player in the first round.
    He’s not just a big body as he has skill in the offensive zone as well
    and is the type of defensemen teams like to build around.

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