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2010 NHL Entry Draft: Ribeiro trade not 100% possibility

Over the past few days, the likelihood of a Mike Ribeiro trade has been steadily rising as the Stars continue their search for a top defenseman while attempting to shed some salary. With several of the centers that were supposedly available going off the market, it seemed that Ribeiro would be able to fetch even more value than before.

Here is what I’m hearing about a possible Ribeiro trade:

– Joe Nieuwendyk is actively seeking a defenseman, but not necessarily by a trade that involves Ribeiro. The Stars don’t appear able to pick up extra salary without trading away some pieces, so it was interesting to hear that the Stars could be looking for a defenseman without losing Ribiero.

– Nieuwendyk won’t be trading Ribeiro just to make a trade. He’s looking for top value for the center, and if that’s not there he’s not going to force a trade to happen.

– With Keith Ballard’s name starting to fly about (more on that in a bit), there has been speculation that the Stars are involved in those discussions. It doesn’t appear that Florida is interested in Ribeiro, however and I’ve heard nothing specific about the Stars being linked to a Ballard trade.

So, what we have is a GM open to trading one of the top centers on the market but not willing to just give him up without a significant return. Sounds about normal.

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    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Festivities underway in Los Angeles

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    IMAG0055.jpgThe NHL Entry Draft is hours from going down, and amidst a flurry of trade and contracts talk the hockey crowds are starting to gather outside Staples Center.

    For those that haven’t been out here to Los Angeles before, I can’t imagine an odder choice for a place to hold the NHL draft but that one that is perfect for building up the spectacle of the festivities.

    The climate is perfect, there’s the Pacific Ocean just a few miles away, there are buxom ladies parading around and the area is abuzz with hockey fever. Well, at least within a 5-square block radius at least.

    I spent the morning chatting with some prospects and their families, getting an obvious sense of nerves and excitement. For every player, this is going to be the biggest day of their life up until this point.

    We’ll have plenty of news and tidbits on all the rumors floating around out there, so stick with us.

    Flyers not ready to trade Hamhuis just yet

    The Philadelphia Flyers traded for defenseman Dan Hamhuis with the intention of signing him to a contract before the NHL Draft.

    Well, the draft is tonight and it doesn’t appear the two sides are anywhere closer on a deal. With both sides saying they’d like contract in place before the draft, there’s been recent speculation that the Flyers would be open to trading away his rights for some draft picks tonight.

    That doesn’t appear to be the case.

    The Flyers made the trade with every intention of Hamhuis being on the team next season, and they have until July 1 to reach a deal before he becomes a free agent. As we approach that deadline, expect for the team to then trade Hamhuis’ rights if it appears a deal won’t be reached then.

    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Gudbranson poised for #3 pick, Isles trading down?

    I’m getting ready to head over to the Staples Center for tonight’s
    draft, but wanted to pass along a few more notes.

    First, it’s
    almost an absolute certainly that I’m confident in the order of the
    first three picks tonight. Taylor Hall will go 1st overall to Edmonton
    and then Tyler Seguin to Boston with the 2nd pick. But what about 3rd?

    up to the draft Cam Fowler seemed to be the consistent #3 pick, but
    lately that opinion has been changing. I’ve maintained that Fowler was
    the best defenseman in the draft (and have him going third to Florida)
    but it seems that Florida is getting ready to draft Eric Gudbranson in
    that spot.

    Gudbranson is a physical specimen, and is primed to
    step into the NHL immediately. Generally, these young prospects who are
    this tall need time to fill out and build muscle, but Gudbranson is
    already a very stocky and well-built player. He’s also extremely
    charismatic, well-spoken and (I can admit this) a good looking guy. He
    would be the perfect player for Florida to build around and market in
    the area.

    Now after the third pick, that is likely to be
    Gudbranson, you’d think that Fowler would be very next pick. That’s
    likely, although with Columbus shopping their 4th overall pick anything
    can happen. I highly doubt, however, that a team would trade up to #4
    and not take the next best player on the board, which would be Fowler in
    that position.

    What follows could get interesting. The Islanders
    aren’t looking to take any risks and despite the amount of talent at #5,
    the Isles could trade down if they feel they would get better value in
    the 10-15 range (hypothetically). That could certainly see some waves
    sent across draft boards, as the player the Isles would nab at #5 is
    likely a bit different than a team trading up.

    Tonight could be
    interesting, considering the amount of picks up for sale. Every team’s
    draft board is completely different and tonight is shaping up for us to
    see some teams grab players a bit higher than we might have expected.

    Visit NBC’s Draft
    for our complete coverage of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Columbus shopping 4th pick, Ribeiro trade still likely

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    With news that Tim Thomas and Jason Spezza are looking less likely to
    be traded, the number of big moves we were expecting before (or after)
    the draft is dwindling. Teams are locking up their potential free agents
    and the big names that might have been traded appear to be staying put
    — for now.

    So what is left out there that we could see happen
    before, and during, tonight’s draft?

    – It appears that Kris
    Versteeg is still being made available for trade by the Blackhawks, but
    that Chicago doesn’t appear in dire need of trading the winger. With the
    blockbuster trade with Atlanta, the Hawks gave themselves some needed
    space under the cap — although that’s just $6 million under with just
    13 players under contract. We’re still expecting some sort of move by
    the Hawks to further alleviate their salary issues, but it doesn’t seem
    that Versteeg will be the one to go.

    There’s also been talk that
    Patrick Sharp isn’t going anywhere either. So who knows exactly what the
    Blackhawks have planned as far as their roster goes, but for now it
    seems this team is going to look just a bit different a few months after
    winning the Stanley Cup.

    – There are a number of first round
    picks being made available to be traded, which is either a sign that
    team’s aren’t happy with the first round depth this year or are more
    concerned with getting maximum value out of the draft. It’s been known
    for a while that Columbus is shopping the 4th overall pick, while
    Atlanta (#8) and Florida (#15) are also looking to trade down as well.
    Columbus will want a high caliber, NHL-ready player for that fourth pick
    as whichever team slides into that spot will have a choice at a prime
    defensive prospect.

    – I’m still getting word that a Mike Riberio
    trade is very likely, although there have yet to be any rumblings of
    anything resembling a legitimate offer for the center. With Spezza and
    Marleau off the market, Ribeiro’s value via trade has significantly
    risen and the Stars could be poised to get a handsome return, although
    GM Joe Nieuwendyk won’t hesitate to keep the center if the offers aren’t
    as high as he’d like.