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2010 NHL Entry Draft, Round 1: Panthers select D Erik Gudbranson at #3

Round 1 – 3rd overall

Florida Panthers –

6′ 4″, 195 lbs – Defenseman, Kingston (OHL)

This was expected, especially after the past few days we learned just how much the Panthers coveted this big, intimidating, and highly skilled defenseman. He’s big, good looking and a great players, the perfect fit for the Panthers as they start to rebuild down in Florida.

While Fowler had been at the top of the lists of defensemen all season long it seemed, once Gudbranson started to talk to the teams and the media it became apparent just how special he was not only on the ice but off it as well.

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    2010 NHL Entry Draft, Round 1: Bruins select Tyler Seguin at #2

    Round 1 – 2nd overall

    Boston Bruins – Tyler Seguin

    6′ 1″, 172 lbs – Center, Plymouth (OHL)

    With the Oilers not surprising anyone, the Bruins settle for what many considered the best player in the draft anyways. What’s interesting is how the Bruins are already stacked at the center position and definitely preferred to have had Hall.

    There were some last minute calls being fielded at the Bruins table, however they ended taking Seguin in the end.

    There’s some concern over how Seguin went invisible once the the playoffs started while Hall shined, but he’s such a dynamic and well-rounded player that there’s no reason he won’t end up being the better player of the two.

    Seguin also has a leaders mentality and the makeup to be a great, respectable young player in the NHL.

    More to come.

    2010 NHL Entry Draft, Round 1: Oilers select Taylor Hall at #1

    Round 1 – 1st overall

    Edmonton Oilers – Taylor Hall

    6′ 1″, 172 lbs – Left Wing, Windsor (OHL)

    This was the logical pick to make for Edmonton, as Hall was the consensus top player in the draft and is one heck of a dynamic scoring winger.

    Central scouting had dropped Hall down to #2 in their player rankings in recent weeks, mainly because many feel that in the end Seguin will be the better player of the two. Seguin is the playmaker, while Hall is the finisher.

    The Oilers needed a player that can put the puck in the net next season, and Hall will provide that scoring threat they so desperately need.

    More to come.

    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Almost ready


    We’re just minutes from kicking off the draft, and we still don’t have any word on impending trades.

    We also have plenty of seats available.
    Now, they’re starting to fill in as we countdown the minutes to the first pick but this is a far cry from the atmosphere in Montreal.

    I wouldn’t have expected anything different.

    2010 NHL Entry Draft: Don't expect a Toronto trade


    Tomas Kaberle has been a mainstay on the trade rumor mills all offseason, as the Maple Leafs look to move him before his NTC kicks in on July 1.

    Just don’t expect that trade to happen today.

    Brian Burke, talking to the media here in Los Angeles less than an hour before the draft kicks off, said that nothing was in the works for a Maple Leafs trade. There were a number of rumors flying about concerning Kaberle last night and this morning, but it seems that’s all they were.

    As we countdown to free agency starting on July 1, however, expect those rumors to kick into full gear.

    Burke has said he’s received a number of offers for Kaberle, but nothing to make him pull the trigger before the draft.