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Nikolay Goldobin

Where’s the depth? Sharks call up Haley and Goldobin

The San Jose Sharks — desperate for more production from their bottom six — have recalled forwards Micheal Haley and Nikolay Goldobin from the AHL.

Haley leads the Barracuda with four goals and two assists; however, the 29-year-old who’s spent most of his career in the minors played just 6:48 in his lone appearance this season for the Sharks, on Oct. 22 versus the Kings.

Goldobin has a goal and an assist in five AHL games, and he has one goal in three NHL games. The 20-year-old Russian was the 27th overall pick in the 2014 draft.

The Sharks (6-6-0) demoted forward Barclay Goodrow to the AHL yesterday. They host Florida tonight.

To read more, CSN Bay Area’s Kevin Kurz has written a pretty scathing review of the Sharks’ depth issues, putting the blame “squarely on the shoulders of management.”

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    NHL to ‘promptly review the information’ in the Kane case

    Patrick Kane

    A statement from NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, after Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III, announced this morning that Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane would not face rape charges:

    “In light of the statement issued today by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, as an internal League matter, we intend to promptly review the information that may now be available to us. We will have no further comment until we have completed that review.”

    Kane, meanwhile, released his own statement following this morning’s news:

    “I have repeatedly said that I did nothing wrong. I have respected the legal process and I am glad that this matter has now been closed and I will have nothing further to say going forward.”

    The Blackhawks had this to say:

    “We respect the announcement today by the Erie County (N.Y.) District Attorney regarding Patrick Kane. The Chicago Blackhawks organization has taken this matter very seriously, and has tried to navigate a very sensitive situation while continually respecting the legal proceedings. At this time we will have no further comment.”

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    Crosby disagrees with Babcock on bigger nets, but wants goalie gear reduced

    Marc-Andre Fleury, Sidney Crosby

    Sidney Crosby doesn’t like Mike Babcock’s idea to make NHL nets bigger. However, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ superstar does think there’s a way to increase goal-scoring.

    “I’m kind of a traditionalist,” Crosby told PHT on Wednesday. “I would rather see the goalies get smaller equipment before the nets get bigger. I’d rather try that. But I’m all for more goals. However you want to do it.”

    Reducing the size of goalie equipment is, of course, not a new idea. In fact, the NHL has made changes before.

    But even Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury concedes more could be done.

    “I think there’s some stuff in the goalie gear they could maybe round up so guys aren’t so boxy and big,” he said.

    Fleury, not surprisingly, agrees with Crosby on keeping the nets the same size.

    “I think the nets have been the same for so many years,” he said. “Growing up in the same nets, same angles. It would be a little weird to change that.”

    Yesterday, Babcock reiterated his argument that the nets should be made bigger to counteract the increasing size of goalies.

    “It’s impossible to score,” he said. “All you gotta do is a math equation. You go to 1980 when the puck went in the net. You got the average size of the goalies in the NHL and the average size of the net. You keep growing the net bigger, that would make the game the same. We change the game every year because we don’t want to change the game. The net’s too small for the size of the goalies. Period.”

    The NHL has not given any indication that it’s seriously concerned about goal-scoring. In March, commissioner Gary Bettman said that fans “should continue to enjoy the game principally the way it’s being played.”

    Tavares back for Isles after illness ‘wiped me right out’

    John Tavares

    As expected, John Tavares will be back in the Islanders’ lineup tonight in Montreal.

    New York’s captain missed the last three games with an illness.

    “It just wiped me right out for two days,” Tavares said, per NHL.com’s Arpon Basu.

    The Isles went 1-1-1 in his absence.

    “I didn’t sleep much all weekend and Sunday night was really the peak, when it was the worst,” he told Newsday. “By Monday I finally had an appetite again.”

    Steve Bernier will reportedly be the forward who comes out to make way for Tavares.

    There will be no expansion vote in December

    Gary Bettman, Bill Foley

    The NHL is kicking the expansion can down the road.

    “Given where we are in the process, it is clear that expansion will not be voted on in December,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly wrote Wednesday in an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    Bill Foley, the prospective owner of the Las Vegas expansion team, had previously expected “something to happen” in December when the Board of Governors meets in Pebble Beach.

    But there are a couple of good reasons for the vote to be delayed:

    — Seattle gets more time to get its “arena act together.” The NHL has made it no secret that they’d like a team there.

    — The Arizona Coyotes get time to figure out their arena situation. If they can’t find a local option, they’ll need to relocate.

    The NHL may also want some certainty that the Florida Panthers can work out a deal with Broward County, ensuring their long-term future in the area.

    And maybe the league would like a little more time to see where the Canadian dollar goes.

    The new arenas in Las Vegas and Quebec City aren’t going anywhere, so the NHL has control over the process, for the most part.

    In the meantime, Foley is staying patient.

    “I understand they want to take their time,” he told the Review-Journal. “It’s an important decision. Hopefully we’ll know something at the All-Star Game.”

    The All-Star Game is on Jan. 31.