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Colorado Avalanche v Detroit Red Wings

Video: NHL’s Stanley Cup promo asks: ‘What’s in a name?’


This is the NHL’s 2015 Stanley Cup Final national TV spot, which will debut Wednesday during Game 1.

From the press release:

Narrated by acclaimed actor and hockey fan Liev Schreiber, the spot reminds us that an individual’s name can come to represent much more than just the person. Uttering a name can prompt personal stories, awaken never-forgotten memories and trigger a wide range of emotions – excitement, happiness, passion, pride, inspiration, and even heartbreak.

A few of the other spots from past years:

The Ducks got Kesler for a game like Saturday’s


Yes, the Ducks have lost a Game 7 at home the last two seasons.

And yes, they have another Game 7 at home tomorrow versus the Chicago Blackhawks, with a trip to the Stanley Cup Final on the line.

But for one simple reason, what happened the last two years doesn’t have much predictive value, according to Ducks defenseman Francois Beauchemin.

“The last two years, we were a different team,” Beauchemin said. “We were a younger team. We added some players last summer that have been making the difference all year long for our team. Like I said, it’s not going to be the same Ducks that played Game 7 the last two years.”

Anaheim’s major offseason addition was Ryan Kesler, acquired from Vancouver to give the Ducks the kind of one-two punch at center that the Los Angeles Kings — the team that eliminated Anaheim last year on its way to winning the Stanley Cup — boast with Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter.

“I think I can fit into this team and be a good No. 2 behind Ryan Getzlaf,” Kesler said in June. ”I’m going to Anaheim to win a championship.”

Adding to the optimism created by the Kesler acquisition, Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau remarked: “I’ve never coached a team in the NHL that’s had a second-line center that you’re going to have with Ryan Kesler.”

And for adding Kesler, as well as all the other moves he made, Ducks GM Bob Murray was named a finalist for NHL GM of the year.

So yeah, quite a bit on the line tomorrow in Anaheim. This is exactly why the Ducks got Kesler, for a game like this. To prove that, this year, things are different.

“Our goal wasn’t to get to the conference final. Our goal was to get to the Stanley Cup Final,” said Beauchemin.

“We have a chance to do that in Game 7 here.”

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Politician accuses ‘separatist’ Peladeau of turning NHL off Quebec City

Nordiques Rally Hockey

Pierre Karl Peladeau, one of the richest men in Canada, has made it no secret that he wants to bring an NHL team to Quebec City.

But as the leader of the Parti Québécois, he also wants Quebec to separate from Canada, and that’s led some to wonder if his political views may hurt his chances of landing said NHL franchise.

Today, a rival politician — Coalition Avenir Québec leader (and former separatist) Francois Legault — outright accused Peladeau of keeping the NHL away.

“The fact that Mr. Peladeau is a separatist…we know very well whether it’s the owners of the team in Toronto or the owners of the Canadiens, they’re not separatists and they don’t want Quebec to separate,” Legault said, per

Peladeau, not surprisingly, disagreed, citing the broadcast deal his Quebecor company (TVA Sports) struck with the NHL in 2013.

“That demonstrates the relationship is more solid than it was before, and I have strong hopes there will be a professional hockey team in Quebec,” he said.

DeBoer predicts ‘big bounce-back’ in San Jose

Peter DeBoer

So much for the San Jose Sharks becoming a “tomorrow team.”

Based on what Pete DeBoer said today at his introductory press conference, a “tomorrow team” isn’t what he signed on to coach.

“I think if you enter the San Jose Sharks organization, like I am as the head coach, the expectation is to win right now,” he said. “Regardless of the ages or the birth certificates of the players, there’s a tradition here of winning and of challenging to go deep into the playoffs. That’s my expectation. I think that’s [GM Doug Wilson’s] expectation, and I don’t think anyone’s looking for anything less than that here.”

Despite the Sharks having just missed the playoffs for the first time since 2003, DeBoer is predicting a “big bounce-back” for San Jose, which still boasts Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture, Brent Burns, and Marc-Edouard Vlasic on its roster.

DeBoer was asked what needs to change to avoid a repeat of 2014-15.

“I’ve got some ideas in my head, but I can’t box it up for you in one package,” he said. “I can tell you I believe it’s fixable, and the biggest thing that’s going to be fixed – and the most comforting thing to me – is the character of this group.

“You’ve got a lot of proud people here that aren’t too happy about where they were sitting at the end of last season. My history with that is, if you’ve got character and you’ve been through that, you’re ready to push back. And I think we’re going to see that.”

(Video) PHT Extra: Health, not history, should be Lightning’s major concern


Everyone knows how good Henrik Lundqvist has been in Game 7s for the Rangers, but the Lightning should probably be more concerned about the flu bug that’s been running through their team.

Meanwhile, the Ducks will get to play Game 7 at home, but how much confidence should they have in Frederik Andersen against the Blackhawks?

We preview the deciding games of the conference finals: