Author: James O'Brien

Nashville Predators v Columbus Blue Jackets

Preds bombard Blue Jackets, chase Bobrovsky


Sergei Bobrovsky and the Columbus Blue Jackets came into Monday on an outstanding tear, but they ran into a brick wall in the Nashville Predators.

Nashville already brought a 2-0 lead into the third period, but things really got out of hand in the final frame.

Nashville scored three goals in 2:15 of ice time, chasing Bobrovsky with Craig Smith’s 4-0 goal and then beating Curtis McElhinney on the first shot he faced.

This has to be a bit of a shock for Bobrovsky, as the 26-year-old has enjoyed a Vezina-caliber turnaround in December. Coming into tonight’s game, he was 8-0-1 with a fantastic .940 save percentage.

That December save percentage is likely to tumble in a big way thanks to tonight’s game, and barring a miraculous comeback, the Blue Jackets will finally play a December game without recording a standings point.

Update: Columbus spoiled Rinne’s shutout bid, but Nashville won 5-1.

Canucks hold Hansen out of Monday’s game, call for more tests


The Vancouver Canucks are erring on the side of safety with Jannik Hansen, opting to put him through further tests instead of allowing him to play against the Arizona Coyotes on Monday.

Here is the full Canucks release:

In the process of reviewing Hansen’s test results the Vancouver Canucks in consultation with specialists have determined that further evaluation is required before he is cleared to play. Despite all tests being reported as normal, additional tests were ordered in the best interests of Hansen’s health and safety. As a result, Hansen will not dress in the Canucks game versus Arizona tonight.

The 28-year-old collapsed on the Canucks bench this weekend, and even though he jokingly described it as “taking a quick nap,” Vancouver seems to be leaning on the safe side with this situation.

Here’s video of that frightening moment:

Vancouver’s schedule is friendly to Hansen getting back on his feet, as the Canucks don’t play again until Sunday and only has three more games (tonight included) in 2014. Even if there are some setbacks, it wouldn’t cost him or his team too many nights.

Hansen has eight goals and 13 points in 32 games so far this season.

Krejci on criticism: ‘I just try to stay away from the Internet’

St. Louis Blues v Boston Bruins

Whether it’s been injuries or inconsistent production, this has been a rough start to the season for Boston Bruins forward David Krejci.

Things haven’t exactly been going smoothly for the Bruins, either, so the criticisms have likely been harsh at times for Krejci. From the sound of things, the 28-year-old’s trying to take an “ignorance is bliss” approach to the situation, as he told

“Not many people watch the game. A lot of people just open up the Internet and look at the score sheet,” Krejci said. “They see my name, and I get zero [points]. They see that I make lots of money, and that I don’t produce. No one cares if I play well, or not. It is what it is. I just have to stay positive. I know that the coaches and upper management … they watch the games, so I just try to stay away from the Internet and try to stay away from what’s happening.”

“Stay away” probably isn’t the worst advice for any athlete or person whose work can be scrutinized on a public level. Of course, ignoring what’s being said about you is also easier said than done.

If nothing else, it sounds like Krejci is making progress along with Milan Lucic (who’s also suffered through a sluggish start that might be in some part related to health limitations).

“I think we just have to bear down and execute when we’re making plays,” Lucic said. “I think [against Buffalo] out of all the games since Krech [David Krejci] has been back for the most part we’ve played in the o-zone. It’s just about creating those opportunities in the o-zone. We’re creating scoring chances and scoring chances off the rush, and things that we’ve been really good at in the past.”

Krejci & Co. get a chance to build some momentum against the Nashville Predators, who will wrap up a back-to-back set on Tuesday.