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Flyers announce that Luke Schenn’s out about two weeks

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Saturday was an unpleasant night for the Philadelphia Flyers as they fell 4-1 to the Columbus Blue Jackets, but Luke Schenn might have had it the worst.

As you can see from the video above, he really got his leg twisted up during a fall, a moment that looked pretty bad in real-time.

All things considered, the Flyers’ announcement isn’t so bad, then: Schenn is expected to miss about two weeks with that lower-body injury.

Philly’s next game comes on Tuesday against the New York Islanders. If that announcement is accurate, Schenn would miss six or seven games.

Ben Bishop leaves game after taking stick through mask


Ben Bishop left the Tampa Bay Lightning’s game against the San Jose Sharks after catching a stick through/under his mask in a scary, unlucky moment.

He hasn’t returned to the game; PHT will provide more information if made available.

You can watch video of that frightening accident above. Stephanie “My Regular Face” also provides a couple angles of the moment in GIF form.

It’s a pretty rare problem, although we’ve seen something similar in 2015-16, as Marc-Andre Fleury was bloodied by a stick that somehow found its way into his mask. Fleury was OK, so here’s hoping that Bishop dodges a bullet, too.


Video: Brandon Prust ejected for spearing Brad Marchand in groin


Frankly, just about everything related to the Vancouver Canucks’ 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins can be described as “ugly.”

Obviously, the score was lopsided with Tuukka Rask managing a relatively easy shutout, but it went beyond that.

The ugliest moment probably came when Brandon Prust caught Brad Marchand with a deliberate stick … below the belt. Prust received a game misconduct for that action, which prompted some tough stuff shortly thereafter.

Perhaps it was best that the Canucks laid such an egg in front of an audience that was, perhaps, lacking?

Video: Nikita Kucherov bamboozles Brent Burns

Nikita Kucherov
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Few things make Brent Burns look silly, aside from maybe his scraggly beard.

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Nikita Kucherov managed to do just that, lobotomizing the San Jose Sharks defenseman with a downright confounding move to put up Tampa Bay 1-0.

The Lightning could use more of that … from Kucherov and beyond.

Update: Well, Kucherov added another:

As usual, Burns made a positive impact before too long.

The Lightning ended up winning – narrowly – by a score of 4-3.

Uh oh, Devan Dubnyk (lower-body injury) won’t return tonight


The Minnesota Wild have shown a remarkable resiliency in the face of goalie injuries during the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they want to have to do it all the time.

It’s a worry that the cycle will start once again, as Devan Dubnyk left Saturday’s game against the Colorado Avalanche and didn’t return during Minnesota’s eventual 3-0 victory.

One could point to odd and uncomfortable timing, as apparently Dubnyk was just discussing the insurance policy provided by Niklas Backstrom.

It’s not quite be careful what you wish for material, but …

Update: The early word is optimistic.