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Denis Potvin, Travis Hamonic

Hamonic Hot Stove: McKenzie shares latest trade rumblings


On a boisterous night in Brooklyn, it only makes sense to get some updates regarding the future of some key New York Islanders.

Bob McKenzie shared the latest rumblings on NBCSN tonight, with plenty of interesting nuggets.

Travis Hamonic

McKenzie provides the latest on the sought-after defenseman’s situation, backing up previous thoughts that the Islanders want a pretty specific package for the affordable blueliner (something like a first rounder + prospect wouldn’t get it done).

Interestingly, he also addresses Dustin Byfuglien‘s name being floated around in talks:

Kyle Okposo

At the moment, it seems like the Islanders are in an awkward position with Okposo.

McKenzie indicates that the talented winger – and pending free agent – will cost too much for the Islanders’ liking. That said, trading him might not work so well, as the Isles hope to make the playoffs:


So, it sounds like two potentially volatile situations that are currently in limbo.

McKenzie dished on other issues tonight, including Eric Staal‘s situation and the Blue Jackets at least floating Ryan Johansen‘s name around.

Did Tyler Myers deserve this penalty on Nazem Kadri?


Here’s a weird one, maybe due to Tyler Myers size (maybe not).

The Winnipeg Jets defenseman received an interference penalty for this hard collision with Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri. You can watch the hit in the video above.

There’s been plenty of debate regarding that call, and the check in general.

TSN’s Steve Lloyd probably provided the best cartoon analysis:


John Scott doesn’t want you to vote him into the All-Star Game

John Scott, Brandon Davidson

Arizona Coyotes tough guy John Scott seems like he has a good sense of humor about leading the 2016 All-Star Game voting, but he doesn’t want to ride that punchline to Nashville.

Long story short, he seemed to tell the Arizona Republic’s Sarah McLellan that he’s hoping the joke will fizzle out soon enough.

“I don’t want to have my name in the headlines for this reason,” Scott said. “Like, it’s a fun little thing and hopefully it’ll die down over time. It’s not something — I definitely don’t want to be voted into the All-Star Game. It would be cool, but I definitely don’t deserve it to this point. You never know. There’s still some time left. I could turn it on.”

That begs a question: should a joke vote originally inspired by Puck Daddy/Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast dissolve if the guy in question wants to shut down the bandwagon altogether?

As mentioned earlier, the situation conjures memories of the “Vote for Rory (Fitzpatrick)” campaign that was ultimately shot down to some vote-rigging (or something). It sounds like the NHL would honor the voting if it deems the situation legit:

Maybe fans should let it go, though.

What do you think?

(H/T to Puck Daddy)

Note: Scott isn’t outright asking fans not to vote for him like Jaromir Jagr did today, at least:

WATCH LIVE: Wednesday Night Rivalry – Rangers at Islanders

Ryan McDonagh, John Tavares

For the first time, the New York Rangers travel to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. One would imagine Rangers fans will bring disparaging chants toward Denis Potvin with them.

Either way, it should be a fine time as the New York Islanders host the Rangers during Wednesday Night Rivalry, airing on NBCSN. If you’d like to stream the action, consult the link below.


Radko Gudas addresses his three-game suspension


Radko Gudas released a terse statement regarding his three-game suspension for a check on Mika Zibanejad (see the video explanation above and the full post here).

“I don’t necessarily agree with the league’s decision but I accept and respect it, and I’ll move on from here and prepare myself for when I return.”

When the Philadelphia Flyers traded for Gudas, many thought he’d be a fitting Flyer … but not everyone meant that in a flattering way.

We’ve seen some players apologize fairly profusely and/or accept their punishments in candid ways, yet in some cases, such self-awareness came from guys in the twilight of their careers like Raffi Torres.

Gudas is only 25, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the blueliner isn’t exactly conciliatory.

Let’s be honest; it’s tough to imagine this being his last run-in with the Department of Player Safety.