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Kyle Turris is tough, will play for Senators tonight

You know that whole “Hockey players are tough” thing that rivets some and annoys others? Add another example to that big file.

When Kyle Turris got tangled up with an opposing player in a scary scene on Saturday, plenty of people wondered if the Ottawa Senators lost their top center for some time.

Apparently some time really just translates to the equivalent of a few shifts, as Turris is remarkably able to participate in Ottawa’s game against the New York Rangers tonight.

Wow. It seems reasonable for mortals to wonder how, exactly, he’s bouncing back so fast.

Impressive stuff either way.

Scary moment for Trevor Daley, though he didn’t need a stretcher

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At first, it seemed like Trevor Daley would need a stretcher.

On the bright side, he was able to leave the ice with the help of teammates after the scary collision with Chris Thorburn, which you can see in the video above.

It wasn’t the only dangerous moment for a Chicago Blackhawks defenseman on Sunday, as Trevor van Riemsdyk shook off a scary-looking slapper that left him hobbling.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Daley’s condition.

He didn’t return to the game, for one thing.

Penguins must play without Letang again

Kris Letang
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Facing tough California competition in a back-to-back set already stood as a challenge for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Doing so without Kris Letang just makes it more daunting.

The Pens didn’t look so good sans Letang against the Los Angeles Kings, and now they’re going on little rest against the Anaheim Ducks without their key defenseman.

No word on how bad the issue is … or what exactly that issue might be.

Here’s a little olive branch for Penguins fans who need a little lift:

Video: Bryan Bickell is indeed back, clobbers Dustin Byfuglien


At least one opponent is now well-aware that Bryan Bickell is back in the NHL: Dustin Byfuglien.

You don’t see the behemoth of a Winnipeg Jets defenseman on the wrong end of a big hit very often, yet Bickell is on the short list of players who can get the best of Buffy. That’s especially true when Byfuglien doesn’t see it coming, which is what happened here.

As you can hear from the announcers, it’s possible that Bickell caught Byfuglien up high. Only the Jets received a penalty (roughing minor for Byfuglien) during this exchange, but should anything further come Bickell’s way?

However you feel about that, Bickell quite literally made an impact in his return.

Aside: In the game’s other especially noteworthy clip, Trevor van Riemsdyk remarkably shrugged this off (eventually):

Flyers announce that Luke Schenn’s out about two weeks

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Saturday was an unpleasant night for the Philadelphia Flyers as they fell 4-1 to the Columbus Blue Jackets, but Luke Schenn might have had it the worst.

As you can see from the video above, he really got his leg twisted up during a fall, a moment that looked pretty bad in real-time.

All things considered, the Flyers’ announcement isn’t so bad, then: Schenn is expected to miss about two weeks with that lower-body injury.

Philly’s next game comes on Tuesday against the New York Islanders. If that announcement is accurate, Schenn would miss six or seven games.