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Big hit rearranges Jason Chimera’s nose


Washington Capitals winger Jason Chimera has left plenty of opponents reeling with big hits. Wednesday’s collision didn’t go his way, however, as his nose ended up looking … different at the end of this exchange (the collision happens 38 seconds in):

NBCSN ran a great before/after comparison of Chimera’s unfortunate nose.





(Even Stephane Robidas and Mike Ricci are cringing at that one.)

As hockey players are wont to do, Chimera returned during the same first period. Tune in to Washington’s game against the Detroit Red Wings on NBCSN or by clicking here.

Video: McKenzie’s Alfredsson update isn’t promising

Detroit Red Wings v Columbus Blue Jackets

The Detroit Red Wings are still leaving the door open for Daniel Alfredsson to return, yet Bob McKenzie’s latest update doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence in that regard.

McKenzie reports that the 41-year-old’s issues are bad enough that they’re occasionally making it difficult for him to function, let alone play at the highest level of the sport.

One other unsettling phrase: “No news is bad news” regarding the veteran Swede, according to McKenzie.

Here’s the rather grim update in video form:

Video: Doc Emrick’s heartfelt words about Gordie Howe

Antti Niemi

As one of the most erudite minds in the game, Mike “Doc” Emrick seems like the perfect person to discuss Gordie Howe’s impact as the icon struggles with a significant stroke. He absolutely did so on Wednesday night, as you can see in the video below:

Soon after, Mike Milbury spoke about a teammate who was oddly delighted by getting roughed up by No. 9:

It actually kind of makes sense, really. Here are a few update videos regarding his condition:


Howe shows significant improvement after serious stroke

McKenzie: Hockey community rallies around Howe

Frank Lennon Toronto Star Photos

While it sounds as if Gordie Howe has a long way to go as he attempts to recover from a significant stroke, Bob McKenzie backed up reports that “Mr. Hockey” has shown improvement in the last day or so:

As McKenzie mentions, the hockey community is indeed pulling for the 86-year-old icon. Washington Capitals fans shared their support for “Mr. Hockey” tonight:


Here’s more from Liam McHugh:

Related: PHT’s update on Howe showing improvement.

Video: Ovechkin talks Olympic disappointment, Caps changes

Washington Capitals v Calgary Flames

The 2013-14 season was pretty brutal for Alex Ovechkin.

As the brightest star representing Russia with home-ice advantage in the 2014 Winter Olympics, Ovechkin’s group experienced crushing disappointment by failing to even nab a medal. His NHL season was ugly in its own right: the Washington Capitals failed to make the playoffs and cleaned out its front office.

So far, the Barry Trotz experiment has been pretty successful. The Capitals are 4-2-2 while holding opponents to 19 goals in eight games.

Still, Ovechkin’s in a slump right now as well, which is probably another reason why he notes that he needs to get better: